Making Workshops

My workshops were designed to provide our attendees with a creative space to learn about plants and how to combine nature with art forms. I strived to provide convenience, service, and plant knowledge to my attendees. Workshops involved making your item and taking it home and most of my workshops were held in the Broad Brook section of East Windsor, Connecticut at Container Crazy CT’s workshop space, unless otherwise noted.

However, since the onset of Covid-19, I have stopped offering workshops, which I conducted for 10 years. I am currently focused on offering all I did in workshops via workshop KITS, which you may use to make an item at home. I also offer custom orders and I will create for you in the same fashion I always have – with quality plants, decor materials and lots of plant love. I am also going to post instructional mini-booklets on topics such as how to conduct a workshop and other plant related training documents via PDFs online soon. Stay tuned!

My Workshop Style

I recognize you have many options today for various workshops and I thank you for being interested in attending mine over the years, and I believe you weren’t disappointed. My workshops were designed to offer flexibility and creativity, while providing you with quality plants, which are well-cared for by me, Cathy Testa, in my growing environment. I also have a strong focus on plant education and how-to care which will be incorporated into my workshop kits and custom orders.

Your Host – Me: Cathy T

Cathy Testa of Container Crazy CT and Cathy T’s Landscape Designs earned her Associates of Applied Science degree in Horticulture with a concentration in Floriculture from the University of Connecticut, and completed the Master Gardener Program in September 2010. She has been organizing and offering her plant related expertise to attendees for over 10 years. See the Testimonials for reviews of our workshops held by Cathy Testa. If you require references, feel free to ask. She also installs a wide variety of container gardens and patio pots designs for homeowners and small businesses. Her plants are not only succulents, but also house plants, large and small tropical plants, herbs, tomato plants, annuals and perennials, and more. The list is endless.

Custom Orders

All items seen here are available by request. More information is furnished under each post on the page. Custom orders are currently underway for my creative and unique Succulent Topped Pumpkin Centerpieces for the home. And the holiday custom orders will be described here soon too for wreaths and kissing balls with fresh greens.

Gift Cards

If you wish to purchase a gift card redeemable towards a workshop kit or plants offered in season, or for a unique custom order by Cathy T, please click Gift Cards. Holiday, Mother’s Day, Birthday, and Plant Themed greeting styled gift cards are available. We will arrange pick up or meet up, or mailing for some small items.

Plant and Materials

We do our best to obtain the best plants and materials identified for the workshop kits, however, plants are subject to weather conditions or unexpected climate changes, and materials could be changed based on timing, etc. All is subject to availability. However, in more cases than not, I have provided more than expected. I strive to keep our plant stock healthy, fresh, and locally grown. I like quality and offer it as such. I hope you will reach out to inquire on anything I have to offer.

Not Retiring!

Someone read my post the other day and said, “I see you are retiring.” And that is not the case. I am retiring the “workshops” only. However, my other services are being redesigned and I am still very much in business. My small business is focused on container gardening installs, custom orders for plant decor or gifts, and plant sales at various times of the year. Posts on this site show them all. Please ask anytime if you have a need. Thank you.

Contact Information
860-977-9473 (texts are welcome!)
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See you soon!

Cathy Testa

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