Making Workshops

Our workshops are designed to provide our attendees with a creative space to learn about plants and how to combine nature with art forms. We strive to provide convenience, service, and plant knowledge to our attendees. Workshops involve making your item and taking it home and most of our workshops are held in the Broad Brook section of East Windsor, Connecticut at Container Crazy CT’s workshop space, unless otherwise noted.

Our Workshop Style

We recognize you have many options today for various workshops and we thank you for being interested in attending our’s and believe you won’t be disappointed. Our workshops are designed to offer flexibility and creativity, while providing you with quality plants, which are well-cared for by Cathy Testa in our growing environment. We also enjoy and believe in offering plant education while we create so you learn about the plants in our workshop offerings. Some workshops fees are a small registration fee with the option to purchase as little or as much plant material desired to make your piece at the workshops. We find people enjoy this option and they may be as elaborate or as simple as they want at our workshops. And, some of our workshops are designed at a set fee where all materials are included. Our style of workshops allows us to provide you with a mix of quality plant choices, rather than offering a limited or small supply of this or that to work with on your creations. Come see what we have to offer! In some workshops, you must bring some tools or materials (decor) with you (glue gun or pruners are an example). We find by asking you to do this, we may offer you better quality plant materials for a great price at a good value, rather than offering poor quality tools to work with and increasing our fees. Many other tools and mechanics are included based on the type of workshop being offered. There are always extras to surprise you.

Your Host

Cathy Testa of Container Crazy CT and Cathy T’s Landscape Designs is your instructor and host at the majority of these workshops. Cathy earned her Associates of Applied Science degree in Horticulture with a concentration in Floriculture from the University of Connecticut, and completed the Master Gardener Program in September 2010. She has been organizing and offering her plant related expertise to attendees of these workshops for over 10 years. See our Testimonials for reviews of our workshops held by Cathy T!

Host Facilities

Our workshops are often held at host facilities. To learn more, see LOCATIONS on this site’s menu.

Demonstrations by Request

If you find a topic interesting, and would prefer a demonstration as an alternative to a full hands-on workshop at your facility, please reach out – we will work with you.

Custom Orders

If you see a product here you would like to order, again, please reach out.


Many prior workshop attendees have submitted formal reviews on Container Crazy CT’s Facebook page. To see their feedback, please visit our Facebook page or Testimonials.


If you wish to receive a referral from a Garden Club who has invited Cathy Testa to present or from a business owner utilizing her container gardening services, please fill out the Information Contact Form below and it will be provided to you.


Pre-registering early is recommended as seats are limited. Once you submit your Contact Form or Interest Form (located via the REGISTRATION menu option or on the workshop’s posting), details will be furnished so you may learn more about the workshop and submit your registration fee at that time. We will confirm your seat once your payment has been received. Payments are due 2 weeks from your “pre-registration” submitted date or you may pay immediately online to lock in your seat. If no payment is received in a timely manner, your seat will be released to a wait-list. Please see the new PayPal online option on the menu bar of this site for online payments.


Registrations are required to confirm your seat. Note that some workshops, especially holiday workshops which fill up quickly and have limited dates, are non-refundable.

Cancellation Policy

Most of our workshops are non-refundable if you cancel one week before the workshop date, especially when fresh materials are specifically ordered for the workshop. Our policy includes the ability for attendees to send an alternate person if they can not make the date or use their pre-paid registration fee towards a future workshop within one year.


Cathy Testa has hired several photographers for some of the photos published on this site. If interested in a photographer recommendation, please feel free to ask. Additionally, we love to share and post photos from our workshops of everyone’s amazing creations. If you prefer to not have your photo posted or shared on Social Media, inform us at the start of our workshops.

Photos of Past Creations made

We share many photos of what people have made in our workshops – but please note, alterations do take place every year based on plant availability and supplies. Each workshop is unique and all subject to change. This is the nature of the plant world as many factors may change what is available from shipping to climate changes. This applies to supplies and sizes as well – so be sure to read our workshop description posts on what is included before you submit your payment for a workshop. Some workshops require you bring some of your own items while others do not.

Hold Harmless

A form is provided to attendees at the start of our workshops to sign and date to indicate that one party will not hold another party liable for risk, often physical risk or damage. The Hold Harmless Clause must be signed before our workshop takes place.

Gift Cards

If you wish to purchase a gift card redeemable towards a workshop, please click Gift Cards. Holiday, Mother’s Day, Birthday, and Plant Themed greeting styled gift cards are available. Gift Cards are available at our workshops or by contacting us via email or phone. We will arrange pick up or meet up, or mailing.

Plant and Materials

We do our best to obtain the best plants and materials identified for the workshops, however, plants are subject to weather conditions or unexpected climate changes, and materials could be changed based on timing, etc. All is subject to availability. However, in more cases than not, we have provided more than expected at our workshops. We strive to keep our plant stock healthy, fresh, and locally grown.

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See you soon!

Cathy Testa

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