Container Crazy CT by Cathy Testa
Broad Brook, CT

A small boutique like business!

I offer workshops in Broad Brook, CT and at host venues, as well as, private workshops at people’s homes. However, during COVID-19, the spring and fall 2020 workshops have been cancelled.

Other services I offer are “container garden and patio pot” installations for homes and businesses, balcony gardens, patio gardens, plant sales, and custom plant gifts.

During C19, I have been arranging “Zero Contact” Porch Pick-ups in Broad Brook, CT by appointment. Items available are tomato seedlings, herbs, canna lily starts, and other misc plants during the spring season. During the fall season, porch pick-up’s or deliveries are available for custom made Succulent Topped Pumpkins. The holiday items will be posted later for December.

Also, I have components in stock for making terrariums. You may purchase these empty or made to order. Feel free to inquire for any plant related special needs.

Early Spring:

During the early spring season, I sell starter plants for the vegetable and herb gardens, and then kick off the workshop season with my fabulous Container Gardening Workshops in May. However, during COVID-19, the May workshop has been cancelled.

All of our workshops are ‘do it yourself’ with thorough instructions and plant education.

In lieu of cancelled workshops, the supplies and plants are being offered at this time as porch pick-up’s.

Additionally, we are now getting ready to plant our container gardens – the two weeks before Memorial Day is the time to start hardening off your vegetable plants. It is a good time to pick up the tomato starts.

Fall and Winter:

In the fall and winter, I offer wonderful home decor topics such as the Succulent Topped Pumpkins centerpieces and my annual Holiday Wreath and Kissing Ball workshops. Stay tuned later this season for details. The fall workshops will NOT be held (so sorry), due to Covid-19 but I am offering custom made Succulent Topped Pumpkins at the end of September 2020. The winter Holiday workshop is TBD at the moment. More will be posted by October regarding the holiday workshops.

Dates of Events:

All are listed on the DATES link and via individual posts on this site as they come up on the schedule.

Pre-registration is required and more details are provided once you are registered.

During COVID-19, I was selling “Seed Packets” of tomato and hot pepper plants, basil, and others. See Seed Packets. Tomato and peppers must be started indoors in advance in the spring time, but other seeds may be direct sown in your gardens or containers (such as, Cucumbers, Carrots, Radishes, Edamame, Basils, and Parsley) after frost or just before frost. I thank you for all your orders during the spring season. It has been exciting to witness everyone’s progress with their C19 victory gardens.

Photos of my work:

To see photos of many of my plant related services, please visit my photo galleries on SmugMug.

Looking forward to meeting you. Feel free to contact me any time for questions or information.

Thank you,

Cathy Testa




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