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My name is Cathy Testa and I have been offering plant and art related workshops in the Broad Brook section of East Windsor, CT for over 9 years now. It started with wanting to share my love of plants and container gardening (patio pots) with friends and soon my workshops expanded from there to offer even more topics throughout the year.

Every month, one to two workshops are available. I would have to say, my most popular workshop are the Holiday workshops offered every December where attendees make gorgeous Kissing Balls and Wreaths with fresh greenery. It is not only a learning experience but a festive time shared with many creative individuals. We hold this workshop in early December on a Saturday, followed by a second session on a Wednesday evening. In 2018, they will be held as Advanced and Beginner sessions. Registration will be open very soon for these, stay tuned.

In addition, my May workshops on Container Gardening and Patio Pots is one of the other top workshops where attendees design and plant up large container gardens – all ready for the rest of the outdoor decorating season. Each year, I plan and select “new” themed plants so you continually grow in learning as you design your patio pots.

And the most recent popular workshop topic is creating beautiful Succulent Topped Pumpkins with live succulents and autumn themed decor. The options to create beautiful centerpieces are endless, and you learn all about propagation of succulents and how to care for your arrangements, as well as, how to keep the succulents alive for years! We add new twists each season to mix it up so check out our posts for workshops on this site to see what is new.

And we offer Terrariums Bowls workshops – which may be held any time of year – where you plant up beautiful scenic creations with houseplants, cacti, or succulents. These make wonderful gifts for the home or office as well, and some workshops may be requested for small private sessions. Feel free to inquire.

Because of my love for plants, nature, and art – I started offering courses where the focus is combining nature with art. This lead to workshops on making hypertufa pots, sea glass jewelry, terrariums, flower arranging, succulent balls, succulent pumpkins, holiday wreaths and kissing balls, and more. We have invited guests artists to teach topics and our workshops continue to grow. My brain is always brewing about new workshops to offer each year. We also offer free Facebook Lives from time to time via our Container Crazy CT Facebook page so turn in to our pages to catch a glimpse.

In 2016, I began offering a workshop on how to grow Soil Sprouts (microgreens) because they are so healthy, tasty, and nutritious – and easily done as a container gardening method year-round so we have special topics pertaining to healthy growing as well. This topic continues to be super popular with gardeners, health conscious individuals, vegetarians/vegans, farmers markets, and schools. It is micro-greens filled with nutrition which you may grow on your own in your home. We show you how.

This site (which is technically a blog platform) is organized so you may see each workshop offered by month. They are typically held annually – for example, my Holiday Workshop has been running for 8 straight years – and in 2018, it will be year 9 – almost a decade! Please note, however, the date above the “workshop title” on this blog is when the announcement for the workshop was posted, not the date of the workshop. Just click the READ MORE button for all the details.

To stay updated on what is being offered, you may click the FOLLOW button on this blog site to receive notifications by email. Each time we add a new post about a workshop or plants being offered for sale, you will get notified via your email address.

Also, you may easily to register by using the online Pay Pal link (activated in August 2018) or by filling out the pre-registration contact forms within each workshop posting. After filling out your pre-registration to indicate you wish to attend, you must confirm your seat by submitting payment by check, or using the online links.

Additionally, there is a ‘Gallery‘ of photos from prior workshops to show you what we have created here at Container Crazy CT’s workshop space. Our Instagram feed is also loaded with photos daily of workshops and of our plant stock available for purchase.

The locations of the workshops are typically held at Container Crazy CT’s workshop space in Broad Brook, CT, and some are hosted by facilities, such as Strong Family Farm in Vernon, CT.

Our latest host venue is a new Stafford Cidery in Stafford Springs, CT. Additionally, we offer demos and talks at markets, such as Ellington’s Farmers Market and South Windsor’s Farmers Market, as a guest from time to time.

In addition to workshops related to plants and combining nature with art, I offer container garden installs at businesses, store fronts, office spaces, and homes. And most recently, I’ve been “refurbishing” tired houseplants for clients – this is new. If you have a need to renew and refresh one of your plants, just ask. And in 2018, I sold various tomato plants, which was so much fun and rewarding, I plan to offer them again in 2019 with a seed starting class. Stay tuned in spring of 2019 on that.

During the holiday season, we make custom holiday pieces (wreaths, kissing balls, etc.) by order for pick up. We also offer party-favor styled items, just ask for your needs. If you are in need of a plant gift, reach out to ask.

As far as my horticultural background, I completed my 2 year Horticulture degree at UCONN about 10 years ago, completed the Master Gardener program, about 5 years after that, and study every single day to this day. Learning about plants “never ends” – it is part of the game. I am constantly researching plants and meeting new growers. And I do my very best to share what I know with my attendees. I believe in teaching while creating.

And, any time you see a plant creation on my Instagram feed, remember they are always available for purchase. Just inquire if interested. I love sharing inspiration so it is somewhat an addiction of plants too which drives me to share, share, share.

My other two websites are www.ContainerCrazyCT.com and www.ContainerGardensCT.com.

Thank you for considering Container Crazy CT’s workshops – and be sure to look at ‘Testimonials‘ – You will see what fun we have had and pictures of many items made here.

I strive to provide fun, education, and convenience at my workshops – all is here for you to enjoy and learn. And my goal is to offer quality workshops at a valued price and make it an experience for you to enjoy. Once you attend, you will see how we do it here at Container Crazy CT’s.

Thank you for supporting my small business,

Cathy Testa


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