Container Crazy CT by Cathy Testa
Broad Brook, CT

For over 10 years, I have conducted many plant related workshops, which since the onset of 2020, have transitioned to offering custom orders and some DIY kits or supplies to make your own creations at home.

Custom Orders and Kits

Examples are: Succulent topped pumpkins, terrariums, Easter bunny kits, holiday kissing balls, candle centerpieces, holiday fresh greenery wreaths, seed starting kits, and more. See the posts on this website of each offering as they are available.

Container Garden Installations

Other services I offer are “container garden and patio pot” installations for homes and businesses, balcony gardens, patio gardens, and venues. A separate website, ContainerGardensCT.com, has all the details pertaining to my container gardening installation services.

Zero-Contact Pickups

During C19, I have been arranging “Zero Contact” Porch Pick-ups in Broad Brook, CT by appointment. Custom orders are arranged for pick up by appointment or some deliveries are available. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions.

Houseplant Make-Overs

Spring and summer time are perfect opportunities to have a houseplant makeover done of your potted interior plants which may be in need of propagation, new soil environments, potting into new pots, etc. If you have precious houseplants in need of a spa upgrade, contact me! See the posts on this site for details. This includes taking arrangements with many houseplants together to repot into separate pots.

Seedlings in Spring

I offer seedlings for tomato plants (heirlooms, cherry tomatoes) and some herbs (parsley, basils, thyme, etc.) in May. Orders to hold your starts may be placed in advance and it is first come, first serve. See the post on this site for details. All is arranged by porch-pick-ups in mid-May.

My style:

Excellent quality. I don’t like to skimp on materials when creating and I focus on using healthy plants and various types of décor items which last. I like to offer multiple price points so you have options, while maintaining a quality product for you.

I use local sources as much as possible. For example, I source my pumpkins for my succulent topped pumpkins by visiting local farm growers in my town. I love supporting our local small businesses!

I have been arranging porch-pick-ups in a safe manner, always wearing my mask. You may request I not even come out of the house or greenhouse as you pick up your custom order if you wish to feel safe. All my products are cleaned prior (such as baskets or packages).

I like making things fresh and unique. I don’t do cookie cutter style when creating. Due to my small business size, I am able to produce products one at a time. I enjoy using a variety of textures, colors, and themes.

I am a strong believer that adding beauty to your spaces enhances your well-being. Seeing something beautiful, especially living, as with plants will improve your mood, reduce stress, and some plants are air-purifiers for the home. Plants indoors or out are wonderful ‘pick-me-up’s.’

I care about “care” and offer you printed instructions with your plant gifts, custom orders, and I’m available for questions anytime.

Early Spring:

During the early spring season, I sell starter plants for the vegetable and herb gardens, and then kick off the season with my fabulous Container Gardening Designs in May. I also sell seed starter kits. My focus is on unique varieties.

Fall and Winter:

In the fall and winter, I offer wonderful home creations, such as the Succulent Topped Pumpkins centerpieces and my annual custom made Holiday Wreath and Kissing Balls. I also create special unique one of a kind holiday gifts. Loose holiday greens are also available in late November for pick up. The greens are fresh and a mix of textures and colors.

Photos of my work:

To see photos of many of my plant related services, please visit my photo galleries on SmugMug. These are being updated regularly and I am also on Instagram, under the handle of, Container Crazy CT. My facebook page is also under the same handle. I post regularly to all.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Feel free to contact me any time for questions or information.

Thank you,

Cathy Testa


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