Seed Packets 2023

As noted on my other websites, I am not planning to grow my tomato and hot pepper plants (starter plants) this season due to some travel mid-April. I, do, however have packets of seeds available for sale. Here’s a sampling of the availabilities list. Prices furnished upon request. Save on some of those extra mailing fees paid when you order online from other sources! Pickup of packets required. I also have noted the date of the seed packets.

For reference, February is the time to plan your goals if growing from seed (what you want to grow, tools you will need, and timing. And most importantly, getting your seed packets!).

Then usually mid-March to Early April is when you start sowing peppers and tomatoes seeds indoors to grow until May (it depends on the variety! Some take longer, some take shorter time frames).

Seeds also require watering and care; from the time they sprout till they are ready to move outdoors. Each seed packet will come with some instructions and details for you. Thank you, Cathy Testa of Container Crazy CT, located in Broad Brook/East Windsor, CT.

2022 Seed Packets:

Genovese basil; deep green large leaves (herb)
Fox Cherry tomato; plump two-bite larger cherry (see photo below)
Green Zebra tomato; tangy green, yellow round firm fruit
Long Island Cheese pumpkin; resembles a wheel of cheese, light orange color

2021 Seed Packets:

Goldie tomato; heirloom (see photo below)
Paul Robeson tomato; beefsteak
Pica Chile Mix; hot, ancho, habaneros, Serranos
Bumble Bee Mix Cherry tomato: pink/yellow/purple (see photo below)
Tiny Tim tomato; grape like, tiny plants, patio pots

2020 Seed Packets:

Mandurang Moon tomato; yellow color, larger than cherry but smaller than traditional
Mikado tomato; heirlooms, broad pink beefsteaks (see photo below)
Upstate Oxheart tomato; huge heart shaped; grows to 3 lbs (see photo below)

Goldie tomatoes on a plate with another variety. I must say, these Goldies are the most amazing flavor – will make your mouth water! I received many positive comments about these last season by folks who got my plants.

Fox Cherry Tomatoes are not only super flavorful, but they are also an amazing size – they fit well onto skewers and are abundant producers. Everyone loves these. They are easy to grow in containers too. Snack right off the plant in summer.

Mikado are heirlooms and have that funky shape. Yummy, is all I can say more! When you slice these, you get an art show plus an amazing taste experience. Heirlooms can be expensive to buy so why not grow your own?!

This is how I grow my own for me at home, all in various pots, fabric grow bags, you name it – ready to pick right from my deck, but of course, all may be grown in gardens of the ground too.

Bumble Bee Cherry tomatoes in a basket, shows the color of these and they have great flavor too. I love mixing up colors when you make recipes or appetizers.

Oxhearts! They will make your heartbeat faster when you see how large these grow – up to 3 lb sizes. These are unique and extremely yummy. Only a few packets available in stock.

Seed packets make wonderful gifts for birthdays and special occasions especially if the birthday or event is during February thru about April – when you are able to sow seeds. Kits come with instructions and charts. Inquire for more information.

Look back on prior posts on this site to find more about tomatos and photos too.

Thank you,

Cathy Testa
Container Crazy CT
Broad Brook/East Windsor, CT
860-977-9473 (texts are welcome!)

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