First Order – Succulent Pumpkin

Hi, I thought I’d share a couple photos of the first pumpkins I created for a customer to show an example, however, further down in these posts on this site, you may see more photos of the pumpkins also created last year. Or visit me on Instagram or Facebook by the handle of Container Crazy CT.

7-8″ diameter – Cheese Pumpkin
12″ Diameter Pumpkin Blue Green Pumpkin

Above are a few from last season, however, I have to say every year is different, meaning each creation is unique. A theme this year is I’m using a dwarf agave and mangave on some of the pumpkins this season and I think they look cool with the typical succulents.

Here’s are two examples made recently in 2022 as well. This year I am making mostly the medium to large size pumpkins. Thank you for your continued support.

Medium Nutty Brown Pumpkin
Large White Pumpkin

For inquires, feel free to text, call or DM! Thank you in advance!

Cathy Testa
Broad Brook, CT
containercathy at

Pumpkin types being utilized in 2022! All locally grown by farmers in my area!

Pumpkins Ready for Decorating!!!

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