Watering Services

No one can appreciate the need to water plants in patio pots, container gardens, and planters during the height of summer and while away on vacation than me! I have lots of plants and I need to hire someone I can trust to take care of my patio pots and plants while I take my own trips. This is why I am announcing this new watering service as available by me this year should you have the same trusted need to care for your plants outdoors while away!

New Service 2022

The fee is based on number of plants and location. For inquiries, feel free to text, email me, or call at 860-977-9473. Email is containercathy@gmail.com.

Please also note this service is primarily for plants in pots, containers, planters, and not focused on landscape areas or trees. My specialty is container gardening and knowing what plants need in pots and in container gardens.

Water is one of the most crucial elements for success, especially during hot summer months when the plants tend to push out more blooms or fruits (as with tomatoes, peppers, etc.).

When we don’t water appropriately, based on location, sunlight, conditions, and pot types as well as the plant types, plants begin to suffer. Did you know that insects (the bad ones) tend to visit weaker plants? They prey on the weak. So if you neglect watering, this tends to occur.

Monitoring for Insects

Also, as I visit, I inspect the plants to keep an eye out for any critters or pruning needs.

Again, I find this service invaluable for my own plants. It took me years to find the right person who truly understood my plants. You can’t just douse a plant with tons of water on “one day” and leave them be. It has to be based on the needs of the plant type and also the fact that soils in pots need air too – and excellent drainage. It is an appropriate balance of water and air.

Feeding and Care

If you wish to have some water soluble feeding done while away (also during summers is often needed by many annuals or other types of plants), this may be added to the services as desired.

I’m located in Broad Brook (East Windsor, CT) and will go 10-15 mile radius from my location. And hopefully I won’t be on vacation the same week as you!

Thank you,

Cathy Testa

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