Tomato Starts 2022

Hello and welcome to the start of 2022! I have ordered my seeds and plan to sow and grow my tomato and herb starter plants again this year to be available in mid-May.

The list will include heirlooms and cherry tomatoes as well as traditional tomatoes. I usually grew a few herbs as well, maybe some hot peppers, and other plants. Most are provided in 5″ square pots when ready for pickup. Some are larger sizes in grow bags or round pots.

This year, due to the rise in prices on practically everything, I am going to attempt to be very selective on what and how many plants I sow and grow. It is very easy to go overboard with seed sowing and I do not want to waste any precious resources.

If you wish to be placed on my holding list again this year, shoot me an email at and I will note your name and provide you with additional information. Or feel free to text me at 860-977-9473.

Also, if interested in seed packets, feel free to inquire on what I have available. Most are tomato, peppers, some annual flowers, and herbs.

Thank you …

In the meantime, stay warm!

Cathy Testa
Container Crazy CT
Zone 6b
Broad Brook/East Windsor, CT
Post dated: 1/14/2022

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