Grab – n – Go! Gifts

If you are anything like me, the final two weeks before Christmas is busy, getting last minute decorations up and final gifts picked up, rushing around and doing all the last minute preparations.

I make “Grab-n-Go!” gifts of various items for those last minute items you need for your holidays. Perfect as hostess gifts, maybe as a table place setting, to dress up your mantel or some centerpieces, and perfect small gifts for someone special you wish to thank (think hairdresser, massage therapist, or anyone who does special things for you!).

Here are some recent examples:

Holiday Glass Globes

Holiday Hand-Held Glass Globes

Adorable perfect hand-held size glass globes in pear shape or round. Small like an ornament – perfect to bring to a holiday party as a hostess gift. Contains mini tree, cones, decor, and a baby succulent plant.

Terrarium Kit with Cacti or Succulents

Terrarium Building Kits

All packaged carefully for you. A terrarium kit makes a wonderful gift for anyone who loves plants and wants to create with them. Complete instructions are provided with all the components you need to make a terrarium in an open 10″ bubble bowl. Great for beginner plant lovers. Includes two succulent or cacti plants. Great for any age group too.

View of top of box (terrarium in bubble wrap in box inside the big box)

Holiday Half-Wine Bottle

I have to show you this cutie, but have to say, this particular item (The Holiday Wine bottle) is sold out as of this writing. But this gives you an idea of some of the creative items I make each year. For larger orders, we can arrange ahead to make sure they are in stock. Feel free to ask.

Holiday Half-Wine Bottle 2021

Holiday Festive Ball on a Pick

This is a new creation, just made this past weekend, and I have to say, it is just one of those things that came to me when I was taking a shower! Does this happen to you? Your mind pops up a neat idea at the weirdest times (while washing my hair! LOL).

It is a 6″ round ball on a long green pick. It is adorned with greenery, real bark strips, berries, big cones, and moss, etc. It could be placed practically anywhere, in a vase, in a pot, and I just think it is cool. I have a video of it on my Instagram page to view it better – see Container Crazy CT.

Holiday Festive Ball on a Pick
Bark, Berries, Cones, and Greens
Set in a planter to dress it up!

Succulent Holiday Moss Tree

The cone shaped tree has two large succulents and several smaller cuttings, adorned with festive balls, bark, and berries and sits upon a birch base. A star top is added.

Succulent Holiday Moss Tree

How to Order:

Just text me in the holiday Grab – n – Go! item you are interested in at 860-977-9473 or email me to inquire on prices or more information: All are porch-pick-up, Grab n Go style. Some items I would need only a couple hours notice to make, and others a heads-up day prior. All are made to order for pick-up’s.

Thank you again for your small business support,

Cathy Testa
Broad Brook, CT (pick up location)
Owner of Container Crazy CT
Payments are: Cash, Check, or PayPal
Post Dated: 12/14/21

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