Moss Wreaths

Moss has many uses! Use it as a decorative soil cover for your outdoor container gardens and patio pots, use it to cover floral foam or other items with cut live or silk flowers, and it even functions as medium to propagate certain plants with air layering and moss! You can put it on roofs of birdhouses and tuck it into so many places. It has an earthy natural outdoor feel. Moss is also very useful in terrariums or hanging globes with plants.

I started to use this wonderful natural product in various projects. Around Easter, I made some bunny themed moss wreaths. This lead to the idea to make a Peace Sign moss wreath around Mother’s Day. The one shown below is made at 24″ diameter size and I just love the way it looks!

The wreaths may be kept outdoors year round, will either dry naturally or remain moist if you have it in shady location (or wish to mist it occasionally). The color will retain well if in dark non-lit area (like the inside of a north facing door) or outdoors with no direct sunlight on it (so as above, this wreath is on the east end of my deck and the sun doesn’t directly shine on it during the day, but it gets backlit in the mornings and is just beautiful).

All of my wreaths are custom hand-made to order. I use 3 types of moss to give the wreaths a nice texture of different greens. For example, a mood moss has a wavy look to it and is a slightly more lime green or dark green.

The moss wreaths may be made in different sizes and I have made square shaped moss wreaths as well. All are arranged by Porch Pickup appointments and I just need about a 1/2 day heads-up if you would like one made for you. Prices start at $45 and up depending on size.

See the posts below on the other wreaths made (bunny moss wreath) for more photos. I look forward to hearing from you. Payments are made by check, cash, or invoiced via PayPal.

Cathy Testa
Owner of Container Crazy CT
Located in the Broad Brook section of East Windsor, CT

Note: I also sell moss by the bag or box based on amount desired for your own projects. Feel free to ask for more information.

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