Tomato Starts 2021

Heirloom Tomato

There is nothing quite like biting into a fresh juicy tomato picked from your gardens or container gardens. Every year, I grow a select group of heirlooms, cherry tomatoes, and a few herbs. They are hardened off outdoors by mid-May and ready for pick up by locals who know me! If you are interested in my tomato starts, please feel free to reach out via text, email, or Direct Messenger on my Facebook business page located under “Container Crazy CT.”

Heirlooms by Cathy T

I grow all my own tomatoes in grow bags, raised beds, or big pots on my deck and driveway every year, and that is how my tomato passion started. Growing them from seed is a truly rewarding process and involves many steps. It is a passion and I look forward to selling the plants which will be ready by mid-May from my Broad Brook, CT home based location for porch-pick-ups. Each plant is bagged for you and waiting. They will be ready by mid-May, and must be picked any time from mid May to Memorial Day.

Cathy T’s tomato plants

My husband is funny because he says if we don’t sell all the plants I have started, we will plant and eat them! He loves the flavor and picks tomatoes daily when he exits his car upon arriving home from work during the harvest months. His passion for eating them makes my passion for growing them even stronger.

Making Pesto to add to Tomatoes

Then of course, there is the pesto. I grow some basil plants as well. We MUST have basil with tomatoes, right? Yummy!!! I can not imagine summer without fresh tomatoes picked warmly from a vine right off my deck. I grow a few select heirlooms, a few types of cherry tomatoes, and some regular tomatoes. Lists are provided upon request. I have some miscellaneous herbs growing as well.

Cherry Tomatoes

We have about 4-5 weeks more of indoor growing, and then they will be outside to harden off to acclimate to the sun and great outdoors. Get your name on my holding lists before they run out.

Thank you,

Cathy Testa

Post dated: April 19, 2021
Mostly sunny morning today! 57 degrees predicted today.
Tomorrow will be 72 degrees – WOW! A burst for my tomato starts.

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