I offer Terrariums Kits for sale complete with documented instructions and an invite to How-To Video on Facebook. They are available for Porch Pick-ups from my Broad Brook, CT location.

Terrariums are great with succulents or mini plants
Add your own mini embellishments for fun!
Kits come with Growing Components (Soil, Fertilizer, etc.)
Quality Potting Mix Provided with Each Kit

The Plants

At this time, I have 2″ succulent plants available. 3 are included in the kits. Succulents are slow growing, drought tolerant, and require light in the home. Near a sunny window or bright room works well. The terrarium bowls may be placed outdoors in the summer around Memorial Day.


Complete details of the items in the kit are provided, documented instructions, and more. Feel free to ask questions about what is included. Prices start at $45.50.


The bowl type is an open bubble bowl (10″ size) and it is a thick glass. Terrariums are easy care, make wonderful display pieces in the home, and are fun to make with a friend. Very therapeutic.

All Ingredients

All the ingredients for successful growing are included in the terrarium kits. A list is provided upon request prior to your commitment to purchase. Feel free to ask questions.

Quality Potting Mix with Appropriate Drainage

Thank you,

Cathy Testa

Date posted: 3/16/2021