Big Succulents

I have big mature succulents in stock from time to time and they are available for purchase. Local pick-ups or deliveries only. Sorry, no mailing. I don’t think I’d risk sending a gorgeous big succulent plant in the mail.

Here are some examples:

Echeveria agavoides No. 1
Plant Example No. 2
Crassula No. 3
Top View of No. 2
Next to an old fashioned telephone!
Burro Tail Succulent No. 4

Most succulent plants are drought tolerant, easy to grow and propagate (make babies from the mother large plant), and have unique shapes. They look great in containers, patio pot arrangements, in floral arrangements, as centerpieces, and more.

They require well-draining soils and good air flow with moderate temperatures indoors. They do well in full sun to part sun locations outdoors. They should be potted into pots with drain holes and some go dormant during winter months (slowing down growth). However, in the summer, they thrive in our outdoor Connecticut locations. During the spring time, they awaken and sometimes produce flower shoots.

For more information on current availability and prices, feel free to reach out. Prices start at $40 each for large, mature plants, as shown above in the examples.

Thank you,

Cathy Testa
Broad Brook/E. Windsor, CT

How to inquire:

Call, email, or text (info above)
DM on my Container Crazy CT page on Facebook

Post dated: 3/26/21
Partly sunny am with clouds this afternoon

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