Bert’s Birdhouses

Bert is my Dad and he has been a farmer his entire life. He is now in his elder years, but this does not ever stop him from gardening. During the cold winter months, he makes birdhouses.

I offer them for sale locally to anyone interested. All are made with recyclable products (shingles which were not used from job sites), wood reclaimed, and he hands stencils them. I never thought my Dad would be buying cute animal stencils from craft shops like ‘Michaels’ but he does!

Over the years, he has added stencils to apply birds, bunnies, moose, butterflies, squirrels, and dragonflies on the sides and front of the birdhouses. He also has been clear coating the painted wood now to help protect the birdhouses from the general outdoor elements.

He makes these in his basement and this helps him wait out the time until spring arrives when he can be back out in the garden again. Many of our local friends have purchased them and this time of year, in early March, is a good time to acquire one as our local birds are looking for homes.

They are priced at $20.00 each and may be picked up from my location in Broad Brook, CT from a pick up stand on my driveway. I can forward you photos of the current one’s in stock and colors (ex: red, blue, gray, brown, etc.) and arrange to get them from my Dad for your pick up if interested.

Payment by cash or check.

Please text, DM on FB, or email me if interested and wish to obtain more details.

Thank you,

Cathy Testa
Broad Brook/East Windsor, CT

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