Houseplant Makeover

Do you have a houseplant that has been in a pot for a very long time and in need of a makeover? Or perhaps you received a combination of houseplants in a planter as a gift or tribute for a passed loved one and wish to ensure your plant gift is treasured forever? Often these types of gift planters have no drainage and the plants will not survive over a long period in these pots due to waterlogged soils and overcrowding.

I offer “Houseplant Makeovers” providing your plants with new professional potting mix, fertilizer, and top dressing. This will ensure the plants will last for many years. With each makeover, details regarding the plants’ ongoing care is provided. If your plants have any disease or insect issues, I will identify them for you and advise on the required steps needed.

These plants were in two planters and transplanted into 5 new pots to thrive going forward!

Spring is the perfect time to transplant your houseplants into a new growing environment so if you are local and in need of this service, please feel free to reach out. We will arrange a drop off or pick up time and within a couple days, they are back at your home to grow beautifully.

The fee for this service is provided in advance and feel free to ask any questions prior.

Thank you,

Cathy Testa
Located in: Broad Brook section of East Windsor, CT

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