Seed Sowing Salad Savor

I’ve started sowing seeds and this week’s weather is expected to be sunny, which makes the sowing all the more fun for me in my small greenhouse.

But, you do not need a greenhouse to sow some seeds which are easily sown, such as Salad Savor! It is a leafy mix of greens, very tasty, and germinates quickly.

In fact, Salad Savor is a great seed to sow with kids. Kids will want to see the seeds sprout and these seeds germinate in 4 days! That is fast, and fun.

Sown in a Hanging Basket in the House – Sprouted in 4 days!!!

I have only 3 seed packets of the Salad Savor left in my stock. It is a cool season plant, preferring the mild temperatures of spring and fall. If they don’t sell, I will hold on to them to sow some more in the fall season.

I’ve blogged about how easy lettuce mixes are to sow and grow on my blog called Container Crazy CT if you wish to read more. Just scroll down on this site, look on the right side, the post is linked there.

Salad Savor in a Smaller Sized Window Box

Salad Savor seeds have kicked off my sowing and growing season. Because they are easy to sow and sprout quickly, it gives that excitement where you want to sow more and grow more. To harvest salad right from a pot is fun and tasty, and not to mention, of course healthy, both for the mind and spirit, because you grew it on your own.

Yesterday, I started sowing some of my hot chili type peppers, which, unlike the Salad Savor that prefers cool weather and are quick to sprout, peppers need warmth and take longer to sprout. You need to start those indoors before you grow them into transplants to put outdoors in your container gardens or gardens. Same for tomato plants.

Bagged Kits or Mailed Seed Packets

I primarily sell seeds to people local to me where I will deliver or mail them. Seeds are not to difficult for me to mail out but kits require a bit more packaging and cost. If local or living in a nearby town and are interested in learning how to sow seeds, please consider my offerings this month of seed packets and/or seed sowing kits. The kits are great to do with kids, great for beginners, and compact for easy sowing indoors. As noted on prior posts, all you need to get started is in the kits.

A Tomato Plant grown from seeds ahead indoors and then transplanted into a fabric grow bag on my deck last season.

Every purchaser is invited to my private Seed Sowing group on Facebook. As I sow the seeds, you learn from the how-to videos and daily posts with more information. This also helps you to know when to sow seeds, because all types of vegetable seeds require different timing. Upcoming seeds to sow very soon are hot peppers, tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes from my list.

If you wish to order from me, I will furnish more details of the seed packets I have available. Just inquire and see below for how to contact me.

I hope you will join me. Time flies in spring time, so don’t wait too long if interested. See below on how to order.

Cathy Testa

How to buy seeds from me:

Email, DM or Text Me: 860-977-9473, or on FB as Container Crazy CT.
Pickup locally or delivery free locally or nearby to Broad Brook, CT
Mailing available for seed packets if not local
Packets are from a reputable seed producer, all organic
Packets are well made with growing and sowing information inside and out
Packets are $5 each includes sales tax. If mailed, additional fee applies for mailing costs.
Contact me anytime for questions.
Cash or check preferred upon pickup or delivery.
PayPal Links setup if wish to pay by Credit Card.
Seed Sow Kits are $14.

Thank you again.

Date of this post: 3/9/2021
Weather on this day: Sunny all day!
Temperature on this day: 54 degrees F expected mid-day – a spring teaser today.

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