Autumn Globes by Cathy T

There is something magical when the sun hits a glass globe filled with live succulent plants and little embellishments representing the season. The globe shines or tiny battery operated lights in the evenings gives the piece a special magical feel as it is illuminated.

Each globe, made by hand with healthy succulent plants and growing materials, is unique. The globes are available in several sizes and I make these also in open glass bubble terrarium bowls.

Whether hanging from a hook near a special window in your home or placed as a centerpiece on a table or given as a gift, each is an interior decor element to be loved. The living plants are sustainable for many years.

These globes are themed for any season. The autumn globes have fall colors, perfect for your Thanksgiving table. The Christmas globes have red holiday ornaments and little Santas or other tiny holiday touches. The Valentines globes are adorned with hearts and ribbons.

These beautiful globes and terrariums, by the way, are easy care. There is a mix of a large succulent, small 2″ succulents, and tiny succulents in them. Once the succulent plants outgrows the globe or terrarium, I provide you with instructions on how to transition them to pots successfully.

To place an order for Zero-Contact Porch Pick-up in Broad Brook, CT, complete the form below, or email me at or text 860-977-9473. I’m also on Facebook under Container Crazy CT where you may use direct messaging if you prefer.

Thank you,

Cathy Testa
Owner of Container Crazy CT
Located in Broad Brook/East Windsor, CT

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