A Lopsided Succulent Topped Pumpkin

Isn’t this pumpkin cute?! It has a lopsided shape and I couldn’t resist picking it up for a succulent topped pumpkin custom order.

Large Succulent Pumpkin by Cathy Testa

I think, in nature, when we find flaws, they are really gifts. Often imperfections offer more interesting shapes or styles to a centerpiece.

This customer requested fall themed and was happy the orange pumpkin was slightly off to one side. It gave it a unique style.

Plants are sustainable!

One of the other benefits, besides having a beautiful centerpiece in your home for the autumn season, is the wonderful and colorful mix of succulent plants are sustainable well beyond when the pumpkin starts to decay, or beyond the fall season.

View of the Top

I teach everyone who picks up a succulent topped pumpkin how to maintain it for the display season and how to care for the plants afterwards. So you get a double bonus – a centerpiece and a great variety of succulent plants!

Looking forward to your order.

Cathy Testa
860-977-9473 (texts welcome)
Located in the Broad Brook Section of East Windsor, CT
On Facebook, Instagram, and Websites under the handle of: Container Crazy CT

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