An Orange Succulent Topped Pumpkin with Imperfections

Sometimes natural imperfections on the pumpkin lend to a more interesting and realistic vibe to the succulent topped pumpkin, as in this example.

You can see the pumpkin has scar marks, which were dry and not an issue for rotting later. I am not sure what happened to this poor guy, maybe he has stretch marks but those marks made the pumpkin earthy looking.

This one was adorned with red apples and berries. Little dried brown flowers are tucked here and there as well.

I added little orange berries later and then took a photo holding it on my deck before the customer arrived to pick it up at my location in Broad Brook, CT.

Although I look a little tired lately (Heck, I’ve been busy! LOL.), I love this photo because my tropical plants are behind me and it just reminds me of a tropical place like Hawaii or somewhere as nice. I’m always taking photos to show my products. I even held it up against this blue trellis of another planter on my deck at my location in Connecticut.

And finally, another pumpkin was made for the customer to go along with this one, which she wanted to give to her sister for her birthday. She said she would have trouble deciding which one to keep for herself!

More on the second accompanying pumpkin later.

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Thank you,

Cathy Testa
Owner of Container Crazy CT

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