Holiday Workshop Status

I promised to let everyone know the status of my annual Holiday Kissing Ball and Wreath Making workshops, and sadly, they will not be held this year due to COVID.

Last year, we held a wonderful ten year celebration of my annual holiday workshops. The memories of it and the photos will keep me in the spirit, but it will feel surreal not offering this holiday workshop anymore.

However, this will not stop me from creating wonderful custom orders of wreaths and kissing balls and I am offering fresh greens by the box this season!

Holiday Greens by Cathy T!

As noted in a separate post on this site, I am offering Holiday Greens by Cathy T starting November 26th. Pre-order now to get your name on the holding list!

Custom Orders

I also will be making custom wreaths and kissing balls in starting the week of Thanksgiving. If interested, please reach out. See the post on this site for details.

Thank you,

Cathy Testa

Steve and Cathy Testa – Hosts of the Holiday Workshops

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