Hello visitors and welcome to my workshops site.

At this time, all workshops are on hold or cancelled due to C19.

It remains to be seen if we will have an official 2nd wave of COVID in CT, and at this time, I do not plan to offer any plant related workshops from now (summer thru fall).

I will decide at a later date if my Holiday Workshops will be offered. A blog post on this site will update you later this season. Follow this blog site to get all immediate updates.

In the meantime, if you have any unique plant gift needs or needs for container garden installs, I offer both.

If you need help with how to care for the seeds you’ve sown and gardens you are growing, feel free to reach out to ask.

I have my hands in all plant types from succulents to tropical plants. I also work with houseplants, perennials, annuals, cacti, and you name it!

Thank you for visiting and stay tuned. And, please don’t forget, I have two other websites as well related to my service offerings as part of Container Crazy CT: (for container garden install services) (for general blog updates on plants).

Cathy Testa

Cathy T with Mask 2


2 thoughts

    1. Hi Nora, I will make a notation and stay tuned to this site for updates later this season for the holiday planning. Hope you are doing well. Stay Safe, Cathy T.


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