Seed Packets

A friend from out of state asked to purchase my seed packets, and thus, my first mail delivery service is born. I’m setting up a link below. The timing could not be more perfect to sow seeds right now while we are at home, need a distraction, and can monitor the seed germination process. It is one blessing in this world at the moment with Covid-19 ramping up our stresses and anxieties. I know for me, personally, working on my plants, sowing seeds, and preparing garden items are the SAVIOR for my mind. It de-stresses me, reduces my worries, and gives me something to do – AND LOOK forward to. I keep thinking of the summer to come when we will be growing our seedling and starter plants in our gardens and container gardens. Also, a window box of salad mix is a nice item to see growing when there is even a fear of grocery shopping. I sowed some of my salad mix seeds and it germinated in 3-4 days! It is almost ready to eat. The seeds I have available (until supplies run out) are primarily tomato, hot pepper, parsley, basil, and some misc flowers. This link is being set-up for a couple people who contacted me. Before you pay, ask for my seed list and talk to me about your location to ensure these seeds are well-suited to your area and the timing is appropriate to sow! I can furnish more details when we connect via text or email (860-977-9473 and . Additionally, purchasers will receive my documentation on calendaring, how to sow the seeds, seed lists, and more information which will be emailed to you as PDF’s or included in the seed packet mailing.

Thank you – Cathy Testa of Container Crazy CT in Broad Brook/East Windsor, Connecticut.

Payment Link if Requesting Pick-up Of Packets from my location:

Seed Packet for Pick-Up Orders Oly

Cost of a seed packet is $5.00 each. This includes CT Sales Tax. Must communicate with Cathy Testa on arranging a Pick-Up at Social Distancing Rules. Contact her prior to discuss at 860-977-9473 or



Payment Link if Requesting Mailing of Packets (out-of-state locations):

Seed Packet ($5.00 each plus .50 for PayPal Processing Fee)

Payment for one packet of seeds ($5.50 each). Note: This does not include the mailing fee. A separate link will be established for the cost of mailing depending on how many seed packets you want. We will handle the mailing fee separately.


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