Seed Sow Kit Delivery Option

Hi everyone,

In lieu of the Ellington Farmers Market being cancelled this weekend (3/14) due to Covid-19 concerns (as noted in the next post), I am offering delivery of seed sowing kits next week (3/16/20) to local areas to my town Broad Brook/East Windsor, CT (within a 6-7 miles radius).

A Facebook Live has been posted on my business page to show the Seed Packets available. Each kit includes one seed packet of your choice.

Additionally, to ensure “social distancing”, the seed kit will be placed at your designated location at your home (steps), in your car, or where you would like, upon receipt of payment (check, cash, or PayPal below). This offer is temporary and if any more concerns arise, it may be ceased. Taking things day by day!

Cathy T Seed Kit Bags 2020
Seed Kits are in Handled Bags with Supplies Noted below.


Cathy Testa of Container Crazy CT


Includes (2) 6 pack sow cells, tin base holding tray, 1 zip lock style quart baggie of soil mix, (1) seed packet of your choice, planting tools, labels, instructions, and sow planning calendar. Is delivered in brown handled paper bag to your home (see below) or picked up from my location by appointment.

NOTE: Purchasers will be invited to Cathy T’s Facebook Live Demo on how to sow the seeds, what to use, and how to grow the seedlings in containers or patio pots. The kits also include full step-by-step documented instructions.



$5.00 each (includes CT Sales tax)


FREE DELIVERY – Within 6-7 miles radius of East Windsor, CT or Pick up at my Broad Brook, CT location by appointment.

Text to request: 860-977-9473

Week of March 16, 2020 –>> Door Drop Off or Pick-Up
Seeds are 100% Organic: For a List of Seed Packets available
– Contact Cathy Testa. The seeds are various hot peppers, large tomato types (beef-stakes, plum, and more), various cherry tomatoes, basil, parsley, flowers, lettuce, and kale. Tomato and peppers are all Open-Pollinated. Some tomatoes are heirlooms. There are determinate, indeterminate, and dwarf tomato types. You may email or call Cathy Testa for questions.  

Also, some people asked if I will be growing my own this year for sale, and yes, I am. The plants will be ready by mid-late May (before Memorial Day).

This offer is being made in lieu of the cancelled 3/14 Farmers Market Seed Sowing Demonstration due to Covid-19 concerns. A preview of the seeds will also be shown on a Cathy T’s Facebook Live: Like her Container Crazy CT page on FB so you are notified.


You may pay by cash or check upon delivery, or if you wish to pre-pay via credit card, please use the link below. Checks are made out to: Cathy T’s Landscape Designs.

Seed Sowing Kit

Seed Kit with components to sow seeds as described in the post. Delivered or meet up within 6-7 mile radius of East Windsor, CT. Payment via PayPal. Additional $1 for PP processing fee.


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