Private Seed Starting Sessions

Hello Visitors,

Earlier this year, I noted I will not be holding my Seed Starting Workshops this year. And this is true – for my location. However, if you are interested in a Private Seed Starting Session at your location, feel free to contact me to request a proposal.

Seed Starting Sessions C Testa Copywrite_0002
HUGE tomato flower

Dates to schedule these sessions are best in mid-March to early April. The focus in on warm season plants (tomato, pepper, basil, parsley) and some others are thrown into the mix. You will have a preview of what you can sow and grow once a date is confirmed for your private session.

Seed Starting Sessions C Testa Copywrite_0007
These were fab-u-lousa! Yummmyyyyyyy!

I don’t mean to make your mouth water but just look at these photos from plants I grew from seed! It is so worth the effort and well, it does make my mouth water right now.

Seed Starting Sessions C Testa Copywrite_0001
This variety grows to 3 lbs – that is a regular sized dish plate!

I focus on “certified organic seed” with unique varieties from heirlooms, open-pollinated, and hybrids. We learn what that means in these session which include an educational component. I also grow most of my plants in patio pots and containers, another focus, however your seedlings are perfectly suited for gardens as well.

Seed Starting Sessions C Testa Copywrite_0003
Sandwiches Anyone?

To request a proposal, please complete the information below.

Cathy Testa
Container Crazy CT
Broad Brook, CT
Zone 6a

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