Custom Succulent Pumpkins

If you were unable to attend our workshops to make your own succulent topped pumpkin centerpiece this month, take note – Cathy Testa makes them custom for you!

You may contact me anytime to place an order by texting or calling 860-977-9473 or emailing me at

Prices are based on sizes. Large Cinderella pumpkins with all the works start at $50.00 each. Smaller to medium sizes start at $25.  Note: If you order a large pumpkin, a smaller matching pumpkin is discounted.

Delivery is available based on your location (if near my area in Broad Brook, CT – or within 10 miles or so).

Complete care instructions are provided.

These centerpieces are intended for indoor display. They can not tolerate frost or temperatures below 45 degrees F outdoors.

The succulent plants are live. The centerpiece usually lasts up to anywhere from 2-3 months or 6-8 months depending on the type of pumpkin used, which is also real.

You may remove the succulents as you see fit to continue to grow in small pots in your home after the display is utilized.

Here are some examples of pumpkins made to date.

Custom Pumpkins by C Testa Copywrite_0013
Large White Cinderella Pumpkin and Matching Medium White with Glitter Accents
A Succulents Pumpkin C Testa Copywrite_0002
Orange Large Pumpkin – Example from Last Year 
Custom Pumpkins by C Testa Copywrite_0015
A trio set – Made to Order – with natural decor 
Custom Pumpkins by C Testa Copywrite_0011
Large White Pumpkin with Lotus Pods and Natural Decor 
Custom Pumpkins by C Testa Copywrite_0010
Orange and White Gourd with Natural Decor 
A Succulents Pumpkin C Testa Copywrite_0001
Large Green/Blue Pumpkin
Custom Pumpkins by C Testa Copywrite_0009
Faux White Pumpkin with Live Succulents – Top View
A Succulents Pumpkin C Testa Copywrite_0004
Faux Wood and Gold Pumpkin with Live Succulents

Thank you,

Cathy Testa
Container Crazy CT
Broad Brook, CT

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