Holiday KB Workshop for Beginners and Advanced-Sold Out

The registrations for our annual Holiday Workshop on DECEMBER 7th are now closed. All seats have been taken. However, to be placed on a wait-list in the event of cancellations, contact Cathy T.


In this workshop, you will make a kissing ball, wreath, or candle centerpiece with a beautiful fresh mix of live greenery. It is designed this year for both Beginners and Advanced attendees. Seats are limited – Early registration suggested.


Please note:
We are not planning to hold a week-night workshop this year. 

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We are looking forward to this fun and festive workshop again with all of you.

What’s Included:

In this workshop, you will be provided with a quality selection of greens to use to make one item of your choice, either a Kissing Ball, Round Wreath (14″ frame), or Candle Centerpiece which is a long horizontal style, perfect for a long dining table.

KB Workshops by C Testa Copywrite_0004
Fresh Boxwood

We focus on providing a wide variety of fresh quality greens in this workshop. Below is a list of the types we offer each year. We often add a “surprise green” to the list too. In addition to the base greens used, there are florist quality greens to work with.

KB Workshops by C Testa Copywrite_0003

KB 2019 by C Testa Copywrite_0004

What is Included:

Kissing Ball – The center mechanics, wire to hang the ball, and the greens with instruction, wired picks to help you insert your own decor. Our Kissing Balls come out larger than traditional sizes found in stores.

KB Workshops by C Testa Copywrite_0006
Attendee with Kissing Ball

Wreath – The wreath frame (14″ frame) which comes out larger than 14″. The greens to create the wreath, but you must bring your own green florist wire (or purchase a paddle at the workshop). Wired picks to help you insert your own decor are provided.

KB Workshops by C Testa Copywrite_0007
Example of Wreath and KB (Note: Decor not included).

KB Workshops by C Testa Copywrite_0002

Candle Centerpiece – The center mechanics, a long tapered drip resistant center candle (red, white, or raspberry color) with candle holder insert into the mechanics, and wired picks to help you insert your own decor and greens to make your centerpiece. Some attendees bring their own larger round candle if desired, but it is not required.

KB Workshops by C Testa Copywrite_0003
Example of Candle Centerpiece (Note: Tapered candle provided, or bring own large candle).

KB 2019 by C Testa Copywrite_0009

Bring Your Own:

Over the years, everyone really enjoys bringing their own decor – ribbons, small ball ornaments, or cones, whatever is their style to match their home decor to their piece. Reusing older decor you already have in your stock works too!

KB Workshops by C Testa Copywrite_0006
Two Lovely Ladies showing their creations of KB’s!

And each year, attendees return with their decor to re-use. You bring your own decor to your liking. A ribbon is not included in the workshop, nor the decor embellishments.

However, I do offer berried ended wires and other misc decor items if anyone wishes to purchase them at the workshop (limited supply).  We teach how to make a bow at the workshop as well.

KB Workshops by C Testa Copywrite_0001

Glue Gun with Glue Sticks – It helps to attach your decor. We will have one or two out but it is much easier to bring your own. We provide attendees with wired ended picks which may be used to attach decor, but glue guns help with various decor items. Some attendees who attend with a friend share a glue gun, but again, much easier to have your own to work with.

KB Workshops by C Testa Copywrite_0005

Green Florist Wire – Wreath makers must bring their own wire. We will have some in stock if you wish to purchase a paddle or roll at the workshop, or bring your own. This wire is used to attach your greens to the wreath frame. Note: WIRE is not needed for anyone who elects to make a kissing ball or candle centerpiece.


Garden Pruners or Scissors – Garden pruners work best but scissors are okay. At these workshops, you cut from FRESH greens, and this makes your piece last much longer. We pride our workshops on proving quality greens over misc decor. Decor is something you most likely have in your own home already, and again, people prefer having their own. See photo example below registration links below.

Hope this helps to answer questions. I’ve been offering this workshop for 10 years and you may find many testimonials on my sites regarding attendees experiences here.

Thank you for registering! Cathy Testa


$48 pp by check; $50 pp by PayPal.

KB Photos copywrite photo C Testa_0004
Wreath made by an attendee – She went with a snow flake and cone theme!

If you have any advance questions, please feel free to email me at

Thank you,

Cathy Testa
Broad Brook, CT

KB Workshops by C Testa Copywrite_0001
A Repeat Attendee with her Beautiful KB Creation!





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