Succulent Topped Pumpkin Centerpieces

Our 4th Annual Succulent Topped Pumpkin Workshops return
and we are taking pre-registrations NOW!


October 5, 2019 – Saturday
10:00 am to Noon
Broad Brook Location @ Container Crazy CT’s

— or —

October 12, 2019 – Saturday
1:00 pm to 3:00 pm-—PLEASE NOTE TIME IS CHANGED TO 10:30 AM – Noon
Broad Brook Location @ Container Crazy CT’s


Don’t have time in your schedule to make your own? Don’t worry – Cathy T is accepting custom orders (while supplies last) to make gorgeous succulent topped pumpkin centerpieces. Contact via email or phone to inquire: 860-977-9473 or


$15 PP by check
$17 pp by Pay Pal
See links below. Please scroll to bottom of this page to find two registrations forms (one for PayPal or one for payment by check).


A beautiful centerpiece using a real or faux pumpkin topped with live succulents of various sizes, styles, and features. You may create it on a pumpkin, gourd, or faux pumpkin if you wish. Bring as many pumpkins as you like to this workshop.


Your pumpkin, pumpkins, or gourd(s)! We offer recommendations on the types of pumpkins you should get prior to the workshop dates. Your own glue gun with glue sticks and any decor (fall themed dried flowers, ribbons, bows, spooky or fall decor, glitter balls, or whatever you like to dress it up) you wish to add to your creation. Moss and top mechanics materials are included. Note: Succulents are purchased at the workshop. Prices start at $5 and up. A surprise free decor item is given to each attendee and you will have the opportunity to practice “hands-on” propagation too.


We will have a various mix of large to small succulents and our succ stuffers available to purchase at various prices. You pick what you wish to put on your creations. You may bring as many pumpkins as you would like. We provide the moss for one large pumpkin and you may purchase additional moss if you wish (but usually you have plenty!).

The creations you make are endless. Some people bring a set of mini pumpkins or gourds, and last year, we even created succulents on fake hipster skulls (that was in style last year and so much fun).

Some attendees adorned their creation with mini battery operated lights too. We are very creative in our workshops. Go spooky, formal, autumn themed, or any style you wish. That is part of the creative process we enjoy in our workshops.


As usual, full instruction is given on succulent care, how to propagate your succulents after the centerpiece season is passed, and we will be introducing some “new and trending” succulents at this year’s workshop. Tools to use are provided at the workshop. It is always a great fall workshop and coffee is provided with some sweets. Sometimes we have surprise decor goodies to offer you too. Documentation and handouts are provided as part of this workshop.

Cathy Testa of Container Crazy CT always ensures quality products with lots of learning information, so if you want to have fun, create and learn – this workshop is for you. The creation lasts well beyond fall time with appropriate care and you may make the succulents last via the propagation steps we teach you in the workshop. We also offer a FREE Follow-up Live Video on more care tips after the workshop date for your continued learning when you are ready to propagate the succulents later. Fresh succulents are obtained for our workshops so you have nice choices to work with.


By PayPal:

2019 Succulent Topped Pumpkins Workshop – Oct 5th Saturday Session

The $17 fee is to pre-register for the Succulent Pumpkin Workshop to be held on Oct 5th (10 am to Noon) at the Container Crazy CT Location in Broad Brook, CT. The fee includes class instruction, moss and top mechanics materials to assemble, and instructions on propagation, care, and more about new succulents. It does not include the “pumpkins” you want to bring or the “succulents”. Succulents are purchased AT THE WORKSHOP and prices range from $5 and up. You will have a varied amount of succulents to pick from. Workshop fees are non-refundable.


2019 Succulent Topped Pumpkin Workshop – Oct 12th, Sat (1 pm to 3 pm)

This $17 pre-registration fee is to attend the Oct 12, Saturday, 1 pm to 3 pm session on making a Succulent Topped Pumpkin Centerpiece at the Container Crazy CT Location in Broad Brook, CT. Fee includes moss for one pumpkin, other mechanics, instruction, documentation, and class learning on propagation, care, and more. You bring your own pumpkin(s) or gourds and purchase Succulents AT THE WORKSHOP. You must also bring your own glue-gun with glue sticks. This workshop is non-refundable. See info on non-refundable policies on the site for more details and options.


By Check:

$15.00 per person
Make out to: Cathy T’s Landscape Designs
and please mail to:
72 Harrington Road
Broad Brook, CT 06016

If mailing a check, you must also complete the registration from below:


Your payment is your confirmation. Once received, more details are provided to you. Please note our workshops are non-refundable. In the event of an emergency, you may send an alternate or use your fee towards another workshop or plants within one year of the workshop date.

I’m looking forward to holding this fall workshop with you all once again. Thank you so much for supporting my small business. And, don’t delay on getting your pre-registration completed as this workshop usually fills up quickly.

Thank you,

Cathy Testa
72 Harrington Road
Broad Brook, CT 06016

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