May 18 – Strong Family Farm Workshop

Hi Everyone,

My Succulent Hanging Baskets workshop is also being offered at Strong Family Farm located at 274 West Street in Vernon, CT 06066. This farm has been been a working farm since 1878. It is the last historic family farm in the town of Vernon, our neighbors.

I love offering workshops at this farm – it just reminds me of home, growing up on a farm myself, and their big old barn is nostalgic plus they have chickens and other animals on their premises. It is a beautiful location for workshops which are held in the barn or outdoors depending on the weather. They have a turnaround driveway with plenty of parking areas. Look for the big yellow barn on West Street!

Here are the details:

May 18, 2019 (Saturday)

11 am to 1:00 pm

$40 per person (by check)
$42 per person (by PayPal online)

Pre-registration and payment in advance is required.

More Info:

You will make your own Succulent Hanging Basket with a mix of succulents to adorn your home or outdoor spaces! The mix will include soft and hardy succulents and a featured spiller or accent plant. The hanging basket, tools to use in class, amended soil mix, fertilizer, and a set mix of plants are included. You have the option to purchase more plants if you wish to add more to your basket. We give a talk on succulent care, insects, watering tips, fertilizer, and propagation as part of this hands-on workshop.

SUCC HANGERS C Testa Copywrite_0008

For more details, please click HERE.

To register:

Click HERE above or enter this URL:

The registration and payment links are located at the bottom of the above noted link.

We hope you will join us at the farm. They offer various events and have a shop on site too. We love Strong Family Farm! It is a great place to learn and create.

Thank you,

Cathy Testa

Container Crazy CT




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