May 20 – Pick Up Week Tomato Starts

Hi all,

This is a bit off a “workshop” topic but related to a Seed Starting Workshop I held this year in April. Most of the attendees have picked up their own trays of seedlings they started at my workshop by now, but I also grew some of my own, and a supply (first come, first serve) will be ready for pick up the week of May 20th. If you are an early-starter of container gardens or gardens of veggies, you may request to come buy them earlier too.

Pick Up Location by Appointment

My location is 72 Harrington Road, Broad Brook, CT 06016. I do not have a physical store and pick-up’s of starter plants are by appointment. I am usually here all day with some exceptions. Just direct message me on Facebook, or text to 860-977-9473, to ask if I’m here to swing by if interested.

Tomato Varieties

STARTER GARDEN PLANTS C Testa Copywrite_0004

They are starter sizes and looking good! They have not yet been hardened off which should take place over the course of the next couple weeks.

All have been grown from organic certified seed and monitored by me for the past two months. Many are unique varieties and some are heirlooms. If you have questions on any of the above types, please feel free to ask me.

I have a couple types of hot pepper plants started as well. They are not as large as the tomato starts yet. The photo on left above is of Pippin’s Golden Honey Pepper which has small to medium sweet peppers which ripens from purple to honey to orange, very ornamental! And grows to 24″ tall. The shape of those peppers are long.

The other photo, on right, is of Matchbox Pepper and they grow tiny, spicy peppers on compact decorative plants – which are perfect in hanging baskets. They are hot.

I also have some Lemon Drop peppers, which I grew last year – banana long yellow and citrus hot. I grounded them up for pepper flakes and we used it all winter and still have some! Yummy.

As for the tomatoes, here’s a few photos below. I have a few Mikado tomato plants which are heirlooms and produce broad pink beefsteaks with exceptional flavor and I grew these last year in pots – LOVED them so much.

I am especially excited about the Upstate Oxheart tomato plants I started this year – because they grow 3 lb sized tomatoes! Huge, heart-shaped fruit and delicious. They are nearly seedless so it was a special one to get growing with limited seeds per packet. They grow very tall – up to 10 feet. Great for cooking too.

Another variety I have are New Yorker tomato. These start off early as mid-sized tomatoes and yield heavily but only for four weeks – only 4 ? – you would be amazed at how much you can pick in 4 weeks. It is a determinate type, so no pruning or trellis is necessary.

STARTER GARDEN PLANTS C Testa Copywrite_0003

Don’t let the Monrovia pots fool ya – I grew all from seed and I reuse pots of course. Most are in 5″ squares or in larger pots. And again, it is first come, first serve. I need to count how many I have ready today.

I also have a few cherry tomato types: Fox Cherry tomato which are skewer sized and so yummy – grew those last year myself too, and Honey Drop Cherry tomato which is a new one I tried this year – they will produce sweet, golden cherries and are high yielding as well. And a few Bumble Bee Mix Cherry tomato – with a somewhat striped appearance with sweet cherry sized fruits in pink, yellow, and even purple.

Thank you,

Cathy Testa
Container Crazy CT

STARTER GARDEN PLANTS C Testa Copywrite_0002
Oxheart Tomato Plants – Indeterminate – Staking Required – Giant Tomatoes

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