2019 SEED STARTING Workshops

New this year!

This is a two-part seed starting session where you will sow seeds of some amazing organic and heirloom tomato plants (cherry and beef-stake sizes) and unique pepper plants (hot and sweet varieties).

Workshop Dates are:

March 23, 2019, Saturday, 10 am or 1 pm sessions (sowing)
April 13, 2019, Saturday, 10 am or 1 pm sessions (monitoring)
March 26, 2019, Tuesday, 3 pm session (sowing) – Newly Added Date!

Each attendee will plant a large cell tray of various seeds while you will learn about how to start them at the right time, what materials and soil to use, how to water them, and more. You will also learn about various seed types and what to use for seeds to be grown in containers and patio pots outdoors or in the gardens, etc.

Best of all, you will have the choice to leave your seed tray in Cathy T’s greenhouse until germination and pricking out phases, or take it home to oversee it as desired. During the April monitoring date, you will review the progress of your seed tray.

The focus of these two workshops is on sowing warm season crops which are started early in the greenhouse (or indoors) and then planted outdoors in containers, patio pots, or your garden after all chances of spring frost.

Remember, there is nothing better than home grown plants. You learn the process, watch them rise and grow, and then savor the harvest.

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Saturday, March 23, 2019
10:00 am to 11:30 am
1:00 pm to 2:30 pm
Note: The March date is to get them sown and started.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019
3:00 pm session
Note: The March date is to get them sown and started.

Saturday, April 13, 2019
10:00 am to 11:30 am
1:00 pm to 2:30 pm
Note: The April date is to monitor your progress and make any adjustments. If you can not make the April date, you may request an appointment time.

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The Location:

Container Crazy CT’s
72 Harrington Road
Broad Brook, CT 06016
In the Greenhouse!

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The Cost:

$40 per person (by check)
$42 per person (via PayPal online)


Seeds for up to 32 plants. Also included is a durable cell growing tray, soil mix, instruction, handouts, use of tools, and personal monitoring and warming in greenhouse for weeks following by Cathy T, and more!

Over New Date Added

Grow many for yourself or for your family and friends. It is so rewarding to have plants grown from seed and knowing how they were cared for. The focus will be on warm season tomatoes and pepper plants. We also have other varieties of seeds of plants to select.

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About the Seeds:

All the seeds you will sow are “Certified Organic” and are heirloom and/or open-pollinated and some are hybrids. Don’t know what that means? We will teach you in the sessions. The seeds are part of the “safe seed pledge” by organic farmers.

Additional seed types will be available to mix into your seed growing tray as desired (moon flower, soybean, basil, cucumber, radish based on seed availability).

Over Photo Seed Starting

A complete seed list is forwarded to “confirmed paid attendees” in advance. You will have the opportunity to identify your preferences. We will do our best to accommodate your seed desires, but let’s just say, I have hand-selected fun, delicious, unique and amazing seeds as your choices. Your tray will be a mix of types which makes it super fun and delicious when you harvest your fruits and veggies.

vegetables 2018 cathy t_0001

The Growing Components:

Also included in your registration fee are the appropriate soil mixes, a tray, the use of tools, and complete documentation (seed details, planting and planning seed charts, reference information, etc.)

And best of all – you will have the choice to leave your seed growing tray in Cathy T’s greenhouse until germination or you may take your tray home to oversee the germination process if you prefer.


Please complete the form below to submit your registration. Checks must be received within one week of form completion to confirm. Or you may use the online PayPal form to submit your payment immediately. If you have questions, you may text Cathy Testa at 860-977-9473.

By Check:

Checks in the amount of $40 should be made out to: Cathy T’s Landscape Designs and mailed to 72 Harrington Road, Broad Brook, CT 06016.

By PayPal:

Please use the link below. Payment is $42 by PayPal.

Registration by Check:


Registration by PayPal:


March 23rd and April 13, 2019. Saturdays. Sessions on sowing seeds and monitoring progress. See blog post for complete details. This payment is to register and pay via PayPal online. More details are sent to confirmed paid attendees.


Seats are Limited:

We will be keeping these session between 6-8 people max. Two sessions per day are available where you may pick your preference. The first date in March is the sowing session day, the 2nd date in April is the monitoring session day. Note: You have the option to visit your seedlings after the April session date as desired to monitor progress. We recently added a weeknight session on March 26, Tuesday, 3 pm. You may use link above to submit payment required in advance to confirm.

One final thought:

Learning how to sow seeds is a truly rewarding experience and you end up with many plants to grow and then savor the harvest, however, seeds are tricky too. There is always a chance of one or two seedling having an issue but we will go over whys if this happens. We will cover all on how and what you need to grow seeds in a hobby type greenhouse and what you need indoors if growing seeds in your home. These sessions are designed for beginners. We also go over potential pitfalls when growing by seed is not done correctly – what to plan for and more.

I’m truly looking forward to you joining our first annual SEED STARTING sessions.

Feel free to ask any questions in advance.

Thank you,

Cathy Testa
Container Crazy CT

tomato 2018 copywrite c testa_0002

Dates Chart Page 1 2019 Workshops

Dates Chart Page 2 2019 Workshops

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