9th Annual Holiday Kissing Ball & Wreath Making Workshops

The Dates:

December 1st, 2018
11 am to 3 pm
Broad Brook, CT

December 5th, 2018
5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Broad Brook, CT

Note: In the event of a major snow storm, the back up date is the next day.

The Fee:

$45 pp (includes CT Sales Tax)
$5 extra for “larger” items (see below)

The Payment:

Due upon registering.

Please either mail a check or use the PayPal Link.

Note: Payments not received in a timely manner will result in your seat being released to a wait-list. See links below.

The Details:

Our annual Holiday Kissing Ball and Wreath Making workshop returns for the 9th year. We are very excited to be offering this wonderful event again!

If you have been a regular attendee, you know what it is all about and how fun and festive it is – and you know what beautiful creations are made at this workshop – we so are looking forward to having you join us again this upcoming holiday season.

greens by Cathy T_0017

As a new (beginner) attendee, you soon will know too. We make gorgeous fresh holiday pieces and each year the learning grows along with the stunning pieces attendees make as they progress with ideas and creativity.

These workshops are all about offering a quality workshop where you make a beautiful holiday piece (see options below) with a wonderful mix of fresh greenery.

In addition to our wonderful mix of greens, we offer a surprise specialty green each year.

KB Photos copywrite photo C Testa_0003

The Choices:

Round Kissing Ball
Regular Sized Wreath
Long and Wide Candle Centerpiece
Cross Shaped Wreath
Two Small Twin Wreaths
Horse Head Profile Wreath*
Larger Sized Wreath*
Square Shaped Wreath*

  • Note: The larger items indicated with an asterisk (*) are $5 extra (due to the use of larger mechanics and more greenery).

KB Photos copywrite photo C Testa_0026.jpg


Important and new!

This year, our popular annual Holiday Kissing Ball workshop is set up as an ADVANCED SESSION on Saturday due to the big class size. This means on Saturday, it is not as “instructional” as the Beginner Session (held on Wednesday). The Advanced Session is setup more like a demonstration of the how-to’s and then you work on your own with our elf helpers available to assist.

Due to the large class size, the Saturday Advanced Session is well suited for those who have attended before, or those who are comfortable working alone or with a friend who’s attended before at our workshops. We ask that if you are new, you are sure you are comfortable with this scenario. If not, please consider our Beginner Session.

KB Photos copywrite photo C Testa_0030.jpg

The Advanced Session is a festive and sometimes a loud atmosphere, so if you enjoy fun, festivities, and lots of crafting action – this one is for you. And, this does not mean you are left alone to struggle if you need some help – we have Elf Helpers and Cathy Testa to assist as needed.


For beginners or anyone who wishes to have more one-on-one, step by step instructions, the second workshop on Wednesday is better suited for you. It is a smaller and quieter workshop and we do each step with you as needed. We offer this session as a smaller format just for that reason. There is not a lot of noise, a nice atmosphere and just as much options to make as the first session. It is also a great session for anyone who doesn’t have a Saturday date available.

Cancellation Policy

Refunds are not provided for anyone who cancels one week before the workshop due to the ordering of live greens for this event. However, you may send an alternate or use the fee towards another workshop. Also, as noted above, if your payment is not received in a timely manner, your seat automatically gets released to wait-list attendees. This is a popular event, so please be prompt with any checks for mail in’s or payments via the links below. Payment is due upon registering.

More and Our Policies

Please be sure to read our policies before registering.

KB Container Crazy CT_0002

What is included:

Quality and Fresh Greens for the one item selected
Mechanics (center ball, hooks, wreath frame) for choice selected
Holiday Themed beverages at the Saturday session only
Light snacks on the Wednesday session

You Must Bring:

Your own florist green wire (sold on paddles at stores) – Wreath makers only
Your own decor to put on your item (ribbons, glitter, ornaments, whatever you enjoy!)
An appetizer contribution for the Saturday Advanced Session only
Pruners to cut your greens
Glue gun with glue sticks (Optional – it is usually NOT needed, but if you have one, not a bad idea to bring along)

greens by Cathy T_0015

More Info:

All paid attendees will receive more details closer to the workshop, for example, the list of greens planned and the specialty green that will be added, or information about any unique ideas to add to our list of options, etc. About one month prior to the workshop, you will need to confirm which item you plan to make (KB, Wreath, or other, etc.).

greens by Cathy T_0016

Gift Cards:

Last but not least, as a reminder, we have Gift Cards available which make perfect gifts to this workshop or as Holiday gifts. We will have them available at the workshop for purchase or you may purchase ahead. We also will have them available at our upcoming Autumn events scheduled at the Ellington Farmers Market on Sept 29th, 2018 and Strong Family Farm Harvest Fair on October 20th, 2018 in Vernon, CT.

KB Photos copywrite photo C Testa_0041


If you have any prior to paying to submitting your payment to register, please feel free to email Cathy Testa at containercathy@gmail.com or call 860-977-9473. See also Questions and Answers below the payment links.

KB Photos copywrite photo C Testa_0054


Which is the easiest item to make as a beginner?

I would recommend starting with a regular wreath or kissing ball. Both are not difficult to make and each requires about a minimum of 2 hours.

What are the more challenging items to make?

I think the horse head profile is one of the most challenging. It requires patience and is best suited for advanced session attendees as it takes some time. Additionally, the square shaped wreath can be a little tricky, but not too difficult. Most people tend to make either a Kissing Ball or Round Wreath.

Do I have to bring a glue gun?

No, it is not mandatory for this workshop, but it helps. Bring it along if you own one, it can help to attach decor. But we provide some wired picks at the workshop for you to use. We will have one or two spare glue guns set up but again, it is very difficult to share a glue gun among cut greenery everywhere.

Why do I need florist wire?

Wreath makers and the horse head wreath profile makers need wire. It is available at retail stores in paddles, and we have some rolls available for purchase at the session too. You need this to attach your greens. We strive to provide a nice mix of quality fresh greens and solid mechanics, and by bringing your own wire and pruners, you enable us to focus on the plants. By the way, the Kissing Ball makers do not need to bring wire.

Do I have to bring an appetizer?

No, but everyone tends to enjoy this aspect at the Saturday Advanced Session. A small plate of something for the holidays is a great snack while crafting. We all share the food and festivities on Saturday, but it is not mandatory to bring an app if you don’t feel up for it. On Wednesday’s session, food is not provided, so appetizer contributions are not needed, but we will provide light snacks and bottled water for you.

A KB 2018 Copywrite C Testa_0009
Recommended Pruners shown here

What kind of pruners?

As the below photo shows, an attendee had fun with me when she went to get her pruners! LOL. Of course, you don’t need a machete, but a good pair of quality gardening type handheld pruners (above photo on greens) is best for working with greens. We believe that you should invest in a good pair – as scissors really don’t cut it – they get sappy and can ruin your greens as you work.

KB Photos copywrite photo C Testa_0025

How do I care for my finished Holiday piece?

That information, along with instructions, lessons about the greenery, and more is covered as part of your attendance. 

Do you take custom orders?

Yes! We do. If you want a kissing ball or wreath made for you by Cathy Testa, contact me. See our post on Holiday Custom Orders for details. I start making them on November 28th, 2018 and continue throughout the month of December.

Thank you,

Cathy Testa
Container Crazy CT
Broad Brook, CT 06016

KB Photos copywrite photo C Testa_0004

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