2018 Succulent Topped Pumpkins or Succulent Skull (10/6 and 10/9)

Create your own Succulent Topped Pumpkin centerpiece with Autumn or Halloween themed decor and live succulent plants just in time to showcase it at your home for the Autumn season. Or, if you prefer spooky, create a Succulent Skull, as shown below (new this year!)

The QUICK Details


Saturday, October 6, 2018
10:30 am to Noon
Status : 15 seats currently filled as of 9/17/2018; and we have more seat openings. Only 3 weeks away. Get on the list today!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018
5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Status: 3 seats currently filled as of 9/18/2018; we have 13 remaining seat openings.
Note: This date was formerly scheduled on a Wednesday, but moved to Tuesday to better suit attendees’ requests.


Container Crazy CT’s
72 Harrington Road
Broad Brook, CT 06016


$15 per person (plus the cost of succulents you purchase at the workshop)

Many varied succulents will be available for purchase.

Details will be provided to pre-registered attendees in advance of all the fresh new succulents planned for these workshops.

See “More Details” below along with what you need to bring and links for online credit card payments.

To Pay, scroll to very bottom of post beyond details or use the PayPal link on top of this workshops site.

flyer succ pump 2018 UpdatedSkull Up close Container Crazy CT

We have been holding our Succulent Topped Pumpkin workshops every season and learning more to share with you for success and beauty of this wonderful table top decor in your home.


And this year, we have a new option of what you may elect to make, or perhaps you want to attempt both. We recognize everyone has their own unique styles when it comes to creativity and indoor decorating during the fall season and holidays.

We thought, why not add the Succulent Skull?! Also, referred to as a “Hipster Succulent Skull” when I shared my new prototype on the web last year. A bearded succulent skull is super cool, or maybe get creative with hair and succulents on this spooky option. Let’s have some fun and get creative.

You may do whichever you prefer – a succulent topped pumpkin or a succulent skull. Or both. See the contact form to get your name noted – it is never too early to save a seat. Confirmation is completed at time of pre-registration payment.

Skull with words

These creations will last until snow falls on the ground. See the photo below taken to prove it for the Succulent Topped Pumpkin made as our prototype.

Succ Pumpkins 2018_0001

They are kept indoors during the Autumn season as decor on your table top. And the skull will last beyond Halloween (or forever with good care!). It can even be dressed up with a Santa Hat for the holidays. Be rad man if you want to be. Those made on “faux” pumpkins can last beyond too with good care and the right instructions.

Santa Skull_0001

The succulent topped pumpkin makes beautiful piece with live succulents which you can remove and keep going after the Autumn season is over.

We show you how and go over all the details. Our instructor, Cathy Testa, has years of horticulture experience and has been working with succulents for a few years now. We show you the “secrets for success” in my workshops and offer quality plants and materials.

Succulent Skulls

As for the Succulent Skulls, they are best started in early October to root in for your Halloween spooky display at your Halloween gathering. (Please note, you must bring your own faux skull.) Information on the type you should look for will be provided once you pre-register.

Because everyone has their own preferences of what they like, selecting your own skulls (and pumpkin types before the workshop is a fun adventure). We love seeing everyone’s creativity at our workshops. It teaches us new ideas when we mix it up and expands our creativity horizons. We hope you will join us.

Succulents by Container Crazy CT
Sample of Some of the Succulents – We have many styles, colors, and sizes

What You Need to Bring

Important: Please see the details on “what you need to bring” for both workshop options identified below before pre-registering. We structure our workshops for flexibility on how many you wish to make and how elaborate or simple. Pre-registration is required for this workshop. The fee covers your entrance, you need to bring certain supplies, and you purchase what you need at the workshop for plants. Go as elaborate as you want or keep it simple.

Fills Up Quickly

This seasonal workshop fills up quickly because we all love showcasing these at our home in the fall season. If interested, please submit the interest form below to hold your seats today. Names will be taken first come, first serve by payments received.

More Details


Saturday, October 6, 2018 (10:30 am to Noon)
Tuesday, October 9, 2018 (5:30 pm to 7:30 pm)


Container Crazy CT’s
72 Harrington Road
Broad Brook, CT 06016


$15 per person (plus the cost of succulents you purchase at the workshop)

Many varied succulents will be available for purchase.

Details will be provided to pre-registered attendees in advance of all the fresh new succulents planned for these workshops.


Instruction (from start to finish, succulent plant care instructions, how to deal with any plant concerns, propagation tips for after the succulent pumpkin is ready to disassemble, and more!). Documentation (PDF) to obtain as needed.

Note: This class and hands-on workshop, is taught by a horticulturist and avid plant lover. We have been holding workshops with plants for 10 years now. We share our knowledge with you as you create. Many tips are offered on what you need to know, and if you enjoy learning about plants and succulents, this is a great opportunity as well as creative space to enjoy with other creative attendees.

Coffee and snacks – Always offered in a fall themed flavor.

Moss and other base materials for one item. If making many items or rather large items, additional moss will be available for purchase, but usually you have enough, no worries!

Surprise decor in a fall or spooky theme to embellish your item.

Pins or other materials as mechanics.

Handouts and reference materials as PDFs.

Up-cycled containers for hipster skull makers.

You must bring:

Your own glue gun with glue sticks (for either option: pumpkin or skull). Believe me, you will use your glue gun for years and at our other popular workshops. And you must also bring your own real or faux pumpkin(s) or faux skull.

Bring own Real or Faux Pumpkin!

Your own real or faux pumpkins (types and sizes up to you – we will offer recommendations on what to get to registered attendees) or your own faux skull if doing the Hipster Skull (Note: Some types of skulls will not work well, and we recommend types from craft stores; see below.)

Other decor you may want to bring to dress up your pumpkin. We provide decor suggestions to attendees in advance. We provide some decor goodies in the class too. Think fall theme, glitter, or spooky based on the way you want to go. Dry decor works well. You can sometimes even add a little charm with words on it. The options to add decor are endless!

For the hipster skull – you must also bring some type of container to have it sit upon (a plastic pot and/or a piece of block foam may be useful) and we also have containers for you to use if you don’t have one at home. We will go over the whys as you register and what to bring along with you. We have up-cycled plastic pots available as well to offer you.

Real Pumpkins or Faux?

You may wonder, should I use a real pumpkin or a faux (fake) one? Either way is doable.

I absolutely LOVE the way the live succulents look on real pumpkins, especially those shaped Cinderella style and those in different colors (soft blue, dark pumpkin orange, etc.), but you may create this on a faux pumpkin too.

Important: However, please note, the pumpkin will get “misted” on the top for the live succulents, so whatever material you pick for a Faux pumpkin must be able to handle that misting periodically. Go for something durable or not too expensive if you worry about the lasting of the faux pumpkin. For example, wood is doable but I painted my prototype first with poly seal to protect the wood (see photo below). Some pumpkins, like the “Welcome Friends” version as a prototype below, is a plastic fiber material, which seems durable. Very high glossy pumpkin (like ceramic that has a high gloss to them) doesn’t work as well due to the materials on the top. If you look for your faux pumpkins in retail stores, and have any questions on whether it is a good candidate, registered attendees may contact me to ask any questions anytime (860-977-9473 texts are welcome too).

succ pumpk copywrite photo C Testa_0001
Faux Wood Pumpkin – Prototype!
succ pumpk copywrite photo C Testa_0003
Welcome Friends on Left is made of plastic fiber material, light weight, hollow interior
succ pumpk copywrite photo C Testa_0002
There are so many ways to dress these up with decor – Go with your Home’s Interior Style! This is a wooden pumpkin which was sealed with poly coating.

To pre-register:

Please complete the form below if you are interested and want your name held on the list when signing up early. Or pay immediately to get “locked in.” Payment is due within two weeks of registering.

To confirm:

To confirm, please submit your payment in advance. This will lock in your seat as seats are limited and this is a popular event. You may mail a payment now, or use the PayPal link below to pay by credit card or debit cards.

Note: Customers can pay using this Pay Pal link even without a Pay Pal Account.

Pay Pal Using your Credit or Debit Card:


This link is to pay the $15 registration fee to the October 2018 Succulent Topped Pumpkin Workshop.


Check Payments:

Make out to: CATHY T’S LANDSCAPE DESIGNS and mail to 72 Harrington Road, Broad Brook, CT 06016 if you prefer paying by check.

Pre-registration Form:


Typical questions asked:

Will the succulent plants last? Yes! If you learn my tips and follow my instructions, success may be had but there are no guarantees! Nature is like that – many factors could affect your plants’ survival rates – but my succulent topped pumpkin and many attendees’ creations do last. We are able to keep the plants going for months. See the photo below – it was taken when snow fell on my outdoor deck table. I took it to prove the plants last. But, think of this beautiful centerpiece as you would a floral arrangement AND part living to carry on. The key is I go over “everything” to help you make it happen. Some succulents are tougher (more tolerant and longer lasting) than others – and I go over all the types available to you in this workshop too. In general, most of the succulents will continue to grow and we show you what to do. If using a real pumpkin, eventually the pumpkin starts to decay. If using a faux pumpkin, it could last a life time!

Succ Pumpkins 2018_0001
Photo take on table with snow – Lasted for Months beyond October – 2017 Photo

What is included? For a small registration fee (a good deal – truly!), the base components are included, and we provide quality products. However, the plants you select are based on how many you want and are a additional cost with various ranges in prices. You receive a workshop details sheet once confirmed with all the options to review in advance. And you get a complete instructions, documentation (emailed PDFs), and a big bonus is I teach you how to propagate succulents at this workshop. We have large succulents, small succulents, and many tiny succulents to work with. All the types and costs are provided to you in advance. If any questions, please feel free to ask.

What do I need to bring? Your real or faux pumpkin(s) and glue gun with glue sticks. We recommend a 12″ diameter pumpkin for best design and showcase affect but you may bring smaller sizes too – the ideas are endless. Gourds work well too. We provide attendees with recommendations on types, sizes, and locations to get your pumpkins. And your own decor as you see fit. You may bring one pumpkin or as many as you like. Many attendees created groupings to showcase on their display tables at home – it is really fun to make up difference sizes. For the skull makers, you bring your own skull. There are many types at craft stores and we recommend those that are more ceramic, plaster, but the smooth hard plastic, smooth glazed ceramic skulls, or foam skulls will not work either. For questions, please ask.

succ pumpkins Cathy Testa CCC Copywrite_0001

Where would I display this centerpiece? Anywhere inside the home, on your dining room table, a pedestal table, your coffee table – and in the same type of environment you would place houseplants, which is bright indirect light or near a window where you get some sun.  They are not demanding and do not require a great deal of watering. We go over watering instructions at the workshops. Once made, they are an absolute joy to have in your home this time of year – it just sings Autumn colors and is alive! And of course, the skulls would be decor for Halloween. Creating them in early October enables all succulents to start rooting in by the end of the month. They are just beautiful in Autumn season for decorating your home, or perhaps, presenting as a gift to your hostess. The succulents are living and carry on for a long time. You can even make succulent babies from them later as we show you how to propagate them.

How long do the pumpkins last? For many months. I think mine, from 2016 year, lasted well into end of November, and as noted above, last year in 2017 it lasted until snow fell on the ground outdoors – that is a long time. It can go anywhere from 3-6-8 months depending on what type of pumpkin you used, then the pumpkin eventually, usually starts to decay. However, gourds last for a year or more or some of the harder type pumpkins – I’m not kidding. And faux pumpkins may be used, which will last as long as you take good care of them, etc. Personally, I love the REAL ones – they are so beautiful when topped with live and gorgeous mix of Container Crazy CT’s succulents of many varieties. But some faux pumpkins are very realistic these days too, and I think I’m starting to get hooked on the faux’s too. Eventually the real living pumpkin starts to decay or rot – and then your succulents are removed. For the succulent skull – they will last a long time and do not need to be removed at all. Just remember, if going faux, whatever the pumpkin is made of (wood, fiber material, clay), you have to accept the top gets misted so the material has to be somewhat durable as it may get a little damp from time to time.

Do you have a prototype or photos available? Photos of my prototypes are part of this post. And as for photos, please visit my Instagram feed – there are many from last year’s workshops if you go thru the feed, or I will post more here soon.

succ pumpk copywrite photo C Testa_0004
Mom and Daughter Team at my workshop in 2017!

When and how should I sign up? The best thing to do is fill out the pre-registration form now to get your name on our list – and then follow with payment (mail now) or use our new PayPal link (see menu bar or link above in this post) to pay to confirm. Payments are due two weeks from registration and any payment not received releases the seat to a wait-list. Registration payments are not refundable – Please see our “More and Policies” for details before signing up.

Other questions? If you have them, feel free to reach out and contact me.

Thank you,

Cathy Testa

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    1. Hi Susan, I noted your name. Pls visit the PayPal link or mail payment to confirm within two weeks. All the details are on the workshohpsct.com site too if you have any questions! Thank you. Cathy T.


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