What’s Available Today!

We still have several succulent plants in stock and available today if interested, just contact me for pick-up in Broad Brook, CT via text, direct message, or email.

String of Pearls

18″ inches of dripping down gorgeous pearls of succulent round balls, perfect as a spiller, and has threadlike stems. Will resemble dripping water from a container or rim of a pot, nice in birdbath’s, birdcages, and hanging baskets along with other succulents. Adds delicate like texture and is interesting. This plant prefers dappled shade so it is great in a house too with low-light or shade outdoors, and should not be over-watered. We have a few left in stock in 4″ pots.


Thick spike like succulent with hard texture and toughness (see photo below). The thick-skinned, stiff leaves looks almost like tongue shape. Very unusual, interesting and make a cool thriller in a mixed pot with other succulents. Easy to grow. Shaped like a rosette somewhat and is very unique. Thrives in bright shade, but sun will redden it’s coloring from dark green which is beautiful. Very interesting and a conversation piece. We have a few left in stock in 4″ pots.

Donkey Tails (Mexican stonecrops) or Burro Tails

Succulent stems drip down from 6″ to 3 feet long on this plant. Also called Burro tail, and is great in hanging baskets or as spillers dripping over the rim of pots with other succulent or annual plants. The color is blue-green and the stems are filled with bead like leaves grouped together tightly which looks like a tail. Plants are grown in partial shade, or full sun which will turn the coloring a bit rosy or golden. We have several available in 4″ pots.

2″ Succulents

Many varieties available in a mix of colors from dark green to light green, some a bit on the blue-green side. Perfect for making a patio pot, small table top decor, bird cage succulent arrangement, or solo as a gift for someone special. They make excellent hostess gifts for those summer gatherings on your guest’s patio or deck. We have several available while supplies last – it is not too late to put out more decor outdoors at your home, especially if you have summer events planned. A little succulent looks very nice at a dinner table in the summer as a guests’ gift. Keep Cathy T in mind for your last minute needs.

For information and to schedule a pick up time:

Email containercathy@gmail.com
Text 860-977-9473
Direct Message on Facebook

Thank you,

SUCCS NEW Cathy Testa CCC Copywrite_0001
Gasteria Available Today

Cathy Testa
Broad Brook, CT


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