Seeds for Sale

March is the perfect time to plan and start sowing some seeds, whether you plan to grow them in container gardens or transplant them into your outdoor gardens.

Seed Packets Cathy Testa CCC Copywrite_0010
Mammoth Magenta Celosia – Yes! Big White Moon Flowers – Yes! 


My favorite seed company, Hudson Valley Seed Co., is where I obtain fresh seeds packaged for year 2018.

They are certified organic by NOFA-NY LLC, signers of the Safe Seed Pledge, Supporters of Seed Freedom, and more.

Seed Packets Cathy Testa CCC Copywrite_0004
Photo from my Home Office 

Their seed packets are well made and absolutely beautiful. Each packet is designed by a commissioned artist which tells a story about the plants and its origins.

Quality unique fun seeds with excellent germination rates, organic, GMO-free, and result in tasty unique edibles. Many may be grown in containers and patio pots.

Seed Packets Cathy Testa CCC Copywrite_0003
Broad pink beefsteaks with exceptional flavor – Artwork by Japanese manga artist Kiriska


At this time, I have 18 types of seeds available for purchase.

If you are interested in obtaining some seeds and learning more, please complete the contact form below.

Seed Packets Cathy Testa CCC Copywrite_0008
Add a Succulent – Make someone’s day!


These seed packets – because they are so beautiful and have a specific themes – make excellent little gifts with big impact.

Seed Packets Cathy Testa CCC Copywrite_0005
Salad Savor – EASY to grow – Tasty Greens for flavoring your salads

Imagine pairing up a seed packet with a cute succulent. Sweet!

Think “Easter Hostess Gift” or “Birthday Gift for the Gardener”

Seed Packets Cathy Testa CCC Copywrite_0006
Absolutely amazing flavor – hints of anise – aromatic and excellent in window boxes
Seed Packets Cathy Testa CCC Copywrite_0011
So colorful – So sweet – and available today by Cathy T.


Seeds and Such March 2018


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