March Facebook Live – Seeds and Such


The next scheduled FB Live, held from my Container Crazy CT Facebook Page, is scheduled for:

March 21, 2018 – Wednesday
10:30 am – 11:30 am – EST


“Seeds and Such”

Seeds and Such March 2018

If you have an interest in growing plants like radishes in container gardens or arugula in patio pots – this Facebook Live session is for you. We will go over where to place your containers in the home based on the type of edible plants you wish to grow indoors. We will review the seed types, materials needed, and fertilizer, etc.

Some veggies or herbs are best grown in the spring because they enjoy cooler temperatures, while others need an advance start in seed trays before being transplanted outdoors into a larger container gardens once all chances of frost have passed. And others may be direct sown into container gardens situated in the right spots in the home or in a hobby greenhouse, etc. Lastly, of course, many may be grown outdoors in the ground too but the focus is primarily on plants in containers.


One of the key steps to take right now is to determine when the last (spring) frost date occurs for your area (critical for outdoor gardening, a little more flexible for indoor gardening, but still needed). There are many references and websites to point you in the right direction to figure out when it is, and I will go over those during the live session, but I am using the estimated last frost date of May 10th (although it can be earlier in April) on my calendar to plan what I want to grow.


Another suggestion, from my view point, is to start with what you really want to grow – For example, I love cherry tomatoes, basil, and lettuces – so I focus on those veggies and herbs. Pick your plant preferences, figure out the last (spring) frost date, and look at the seed packet on the “weeks before” information to count back.


I will go over types which I’ve tried and have done well in containers – and new seed varieties to try and why. I have seeds available for purchase. If interested, fill out the contact form below for more information. Mid-March is the perfect time to start – reserve your goodies now!


Then, your next step is to count back the weeks from the last (spring) frost date on your calendar based on the amount of weeks noted on the seed packets on when to start the seeds indoors. (FYI: Some seeds need an even earlier start time of 6-10 weeks ahead, which falls before my Facebook Live session date. Check your seed packet if you have questions on that. If it is a longer start period, take note my session maybe too late for your veggie or herb preferences.)

Lastly, seeds are so fun to grow no matter what because of the whole experience of seeing them pop thru the soil and create a plant so quickly – and of course, you want to be successful – but my experience of seed growing started only a few years ago – I’m still experimenting so I would say this live session is for the beginner. I will share what I know and take it from there, provide key references for your information, and talk about seeds in general, along with soil types, fertilizer, trays, etc.


If you are interested in free handouts to view during the FB Live session, please complete the CONTACT FORM below. If you wish to reserve seeds to buy (which will be reviewed at the live session, see the info below). Thank you! Cathy T.

Hope to see you tune in then. Remember, the FB LIVE sessions are free.

Cathy Testa

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