2018 Workshops and Demonstrations

Demo Days Flyer 2018

Hello Everyone!

Please click this link below for the PDF of the current workshops, demo, and FB Live schedule for year 2018.


First and foremost, I am always here for any questions you have, so don’t be shy if you have any!

This purple graphic above depicts the Autumn and Winter events to be offered this year.

As for spring, this will be the first year I am not offering my usual “Container Gardening Workshops” in May due to travel, courses, and some time needed to do maintenance on my growing environment.

If, however, something sparks a new topic, you will be the first to know. At times, I will score something unique in regards to plants and seasonal decor.

The workshops and demonstrations listed in the graphic and PDF above will be outlined in detail on this site very soon. (Note: We just added The Annual Harvest Fair to the schedule in October at Strong Family Farm!)

Additionally, we are holding monthly Facebook Live sessions which are listed by topic on this blog site – just click the HOME button and scroll down to see them listed. The FB Live sessions are free to view.

Thank you,

Cathy Testa


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