Holiday Custom Orders

Christmas is just about one week away, and I am still making beautiful and full custom wreaths and kissing balls by request – one by one, every day until Christmas.

If interested in a hand-made wreath or kissing ball with fresh greenery, please contact me soon as time is running close – it is the big countdown now.

Here’s a photo of a large wreath made for a client – It is 30-35″ in diameter and filled with lush greens.

Custom Orders Container Crazy CT copywrite_0001

On the day I finished making it, it began snowing, and my wonderful male model, my husband, Steve, held it for me against our white garage door.

I think I should call this photo below, “Men with Wreaths!” (inspired by a website I found on Instagram called, “Men with Plants”).

Custom Orders Container Crazy CT copywrite_0008

All of my hand-made wreaths are filled with a wonderful mix of greens. They are highly fragrant too.

My style tends to be “lush and full” due to the wide mix of greenery used. I like all the various textures and scents. The color differences of the greens used shows off each type.

Pick up is arranged by appointment. Sorry no mailing or deliveries.

custom orders_0001

Note: I experienced some issues with receiving “some” texts on my new iPhone, so if you text me at the 977 number above, and don’t get an immediate response, please try reaching me via the email noted above, or by sending a text via Facebook messenger.

Additionally, I may be found under the Container Crazy CT or Cathy T’s Landscape Design Facebook pages. Direct messaging there works as well as a backup. Or comment in the post, and I will contact you.

Also, you may find Container Crazy CT on Instagram!

Custom Orders Container Crazy CT copywrite_0007

Even though I look a little tattered and tired in this photo, I had to share it because it shows the size of the large 30-35″ finished wreath. I also make smaller sized wreaths.

Each is decorated with a bow and some decor based on your color preferences or may be picked up without decor if you prefer to dress it up yourself.

Custom Orders Container Crazy CT copywrite_0003

This one was ordered by a returning client and I made a matching large kissing ball for her.

Also, notice the natural lotus pods with red glitter added, which I hand-adorn. There’s glitter all over my workshop space now, LOL.

Custom Orders Container Crazy CT copywrite_0006

This is the matching Kissing Ball. It is larger than a basket ball and almost as big as a big beach ball.

To be honest, this photo doesn’t do it justice. It is very large and full – much larger than traditional sizes by double, and again, with a mix of greenery types.

Custom Orders Container Crazy CT copywrite_0005

One of my favorite greens this year is Golden Arborvitae. It adds that splash of vibrant color, but there are so many greens in my hand-made pieces, and I love them all. I even add magnolia leaves to the kissing balls.

Custom Orders Container Crazy CT copywrite_0002

If you need some loose greens to dress up your holiday table, put a vase together, or place here and there for decor in the home, contact me for a “box by budget.”

Custom Orders Container Crazy CT copywrite_0004

This is a photo of a pile of various greenery used in my projects.

They smell amazing, especially while I am making a holiday piece for a client. The whole workshop fills with a wonderful evergreens’ aroma.

Be sure to consider getting your beautiful wreath before supplies run out, or time does – as noted at the beginning of this post, we are getting near the holiday celebration time.

One last comment, I make some “adorable” small table top items and decorative holiday pieces, which may be used as hostess gifts or as seating placements for your holiday tables – ask me about them if you have a need.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Cathy Testa
Container Crazy CT
Located in Broad Brook/East Windsor, CT

Wreaths by Cathy T_0025


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