What’s Available Today

In addition to offering workshops, Container Crazy CT makes custom items and has ready-made creations available for purchase or rental.

Succ Pumpkins copywrite Container Crazy CT_0001

We offer workshops on making Succulent Topped Pumpkins, but also these are available for custom order and we have some ready-made.

Just inquire. Location: Broad Brook, CT by appointment for pick up.

Skull Up close Container Crazy CT

The best creations are when they just come to you in your mind.

I had a few of these creepy fake skulls in my Halloween stock, and it hit me – make a bearded one with succulents.

It is available for purchase – today!

Skull Cacti Garden Container Crazy CT

This is a cacti themed pot – with decor – It has been growing for two months now and is well-established.

They are super easy care – especially in the winter.

The pot is about 10-12″ in diameter, plastic, and the 3 cactus plants are living!

Spoon not included.

Skull Table Container Crazy CT

If throwing a party – it is so fun to group items together on an entrance table or appetizer table. Add a few succulent plants as gifts – and have a ghoulish good time.

Succulents by Container Crazy CT

Because we have been offering our autumn workshops with succulents, we have a limited supply still in stock of these beauties.

If interested, give us a call, text, or email, or use Facebook message to ask for current prices and availability.

Get them while they last.

BBPOTS Container Crazy CT_0005

Remember these pottery bbpots?

Handmade by an artist by my request with my plants – well, I have only two left in stock.

Each pot has a drain hole and the soil is pre-loaded with slow release fertilizer.

Plant type is Jade or Strawberry Begonia.

They are about the size of a large orange.

Available today. Great for fun or in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month which is October.

BOO HEADS copywrite Container Crazy CT_0005

I made several of these and sold a few – I call them Googly Boo’s!

Topped with a single cactus or succulent, just adorable with the googly eyes and decor.

I gave one to my nephew and he just loved it. These also make great party favors.

Skull Upfront Container Crazy CT

Here’s another close up photo of the succulent bearded skull.

If you find you like any of these and wish to purchase or rent them, give me a giggle!

Today, I’m going to make something else on the spooky creative side – and I can’t wait to post photos of it.

See my Instagram for more.

Thank you – Cathy Testa




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