Succulent Pumpkins Workshop – By Request

Just a reminder to all – If you are interested in a private or mini group session for the Succulent Pumpkins Workshop – don’t hesitate to ask, but we need to do soon while our supplies last.

We have a beautiful mix of succulents and all the components available. A recommended group size of 4-6 people is suggested, or if you wish to have a private one-on-one session by appointment, please ask.

Typical questions asked:

Will the succulent plants last? Yes, and maybe some will not – I will be honest – Success may be had when you follow my instructions and care tips – but there are no guarantees! Think of this beautiful centerpiece as you would a floral arrangement AND part living to carry on. We prove it can be done – and it has been done many times – in fact, I show my succulents from the pumpkins I made last year – still growing today. The key is I go over “everything” to help you make it happen. Some succulents are tougher (more tolerant) than others – and I go over all the types available to you in this workshop too. In general, most of the succulents will continue to grow and we show you what to do.

What is included? For a small registration fee, the base components are included, and we provide quality products. You also get a lotus pod and dried flower buds. The plants you select are based on how many you want and are a additional cost with various range in prices. You receive a workshop details sheet once confirmed with all the options to review in advance. And you get a complete instructions, documentation, and a big bonus is I teach you how to propagate succulents at this workshop.

What do I need to bring? Your pumpkin(s) and glue gun with glue sticks. We recommend a 12″ diameter pumpkin for best design and showcase affect but you may bring smaller sizes too – the ideas are endless. Gourds work well too. We provide attendees with recommendations on types, sizes, and locations to get your pumpkins. And your own decor as you see fit.

Where would I display this centerpiece? Anywhere inside the home, on your dining room table, a pedestal table, your coffee table – and in the same type of environment you would place houseplants, which is bright indirect light or near a window where you get some sun.  They are not demanding and do not require a great deal of watering. We go over watering instructions at the workshops. Once made, they are an absolute joy to have in your home this time of year – it just sings Autumn colors and is alive!

How long do the pumpkins last? For many months. I think mine, from last year, lasted well into end of November. It can go anywhere from 3-6-8 months depending on what type of pumpkin you used, then the pumpkin eventually, usually starts to decay. However, gourds can last for a year – I’m not kidding. An attendee brought her gourd from last year’s workshop to this year’s workshop. And fake pumpkins may be used, but I’ll be honest again – I love the REAL ones – they are so beautiful when topped with live and gorgeous mix of Container Crazy CT’s succulents of many varieties. But some fake pumpkins are very realistic these days too.

Do you have a prototype or photos available? A photo of my prototype is below. I made it three weeks ago – and it is doing very well. I noticed the tips of some are growing now – they are happy. And as for photos, please visit my Instagram feed – there are many from this year’s prior workshops to view.

How do I set up a session? Just fill out the contact form below and we will coordinate a date – but hurry – these sessions will probably be over soon – October is the key time to have them made and showcase at your home.

Succ Pumpkins copywrite Container Crazy CT_0001

Thank you,

Cathy Testa
Container Crazy CT
860-977-9473 (texts welcome)

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