New Arrivals – Boo Heads

Boo Heads, Boo Dudes, or Boo Babies?

One of the best things in the world is having a moment to play and create with plants and seasonal decor in my greenhouse – and I was having fun making these recently … which, I’m stumbling on what to call them – I guess, “Boo! Dudes’ – or would, “Boo! Heads” be better? You let me know! Suggestions on naming them are welcome.

BOO HEADS copywrite Container Crazy CT_0001

Don’t you think they are super cute? I envision them as party favors for a Halloween gathering or as table settings mixed with pumpkins and other table top fall decorations. And, I am not even sure I’m done playing with them – I may add more to them before I finish them by next week.

BOO HEADS copywrite Container Crazy CT_0009

Topped with cacti or succulents, filled with quality potting mix and fertilizer, and googly eyes make them simply charming. I plan to bring them into my pop up plant shop at Book Club Bookstore & More the week of Sept 18th, along with other fall and Halloween themed items, and a Succulent Topped Pumpkin to show for my upcoming Succulent Topped Workshops in October.

BOO HEADS copywrite Container Crazy CT_0008

BOO HEADS copywrite Container Crazy CT_0006

Succulent Topped Pumpkins

Don’t miss out on my 2nd annual “Succulent Topped Pumpkins” workshops scheduled in early and mid-October. Dates are noted below along with more details on the linked post.

The dates are:

October 7th – Saturday, 11:00 am to 2:00 pm
Container Crazy CT’s location
Broad Brook, CT
Fee $15 pp (plus the cost of succulents you select at the workshop)

October 16th – Monday, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm – Sorry – this session is sold out.
The Stafford Cidery’s location
Stafford Springs, CT
Fee $20 pp (plus the cost of succulents you select at the workshop)

The workshop includes various mosses, dried fall decor, pins, wiring, and more mechanics, plus a demonstration on how to propagate succulents, and of course, step by step instruction on how to top your pumpkin or gourd with the plants.

At the Saturday session, fresh baked pumpkin themed goodies are included with a coffee drink. At the Monday session, a free pint of hard cider is included.

I tested out this method of making amazing succulent topped pumpkins with various succulents last fall for the first time – so I’m even more excited to offer as a 2nd annual – because we tested techniques and found the winner on how to make them last and beautiful.

Succ Pumpkins copywrite Container Crazy CT_0001

Various succulents will be available for purchase. From tiny ones to large ones – because having a mix enables you to create really beautiful composition on top of the pumpkin. You only need to bring yourself, as many pumpkins as you would like, any decor you want to “play with” to add, and a glue gun with glue sticks. We will have some glue guns to share – but it is much better when you have your own.

The succulents will last for several months on the pumpkin as your centerpiece, and we show you how and why. If you don’t believe me – wait til I show you the photo of one I made last year and I still have the succulent today growing – one year later! Truth!

Sign up soon! It is time to sign up. The first session has some seats open, but the 2nd one is full. Again, don’t miss out. Grab your calendar and save the date. Pre-register and you will have fun with others in these workshops creating. It won’t be long before the cool fall air arrives.

To register, as always, complete the Contact Form for the workshop or pay via Event Bright (right side of the website). If easier, you may text me at 860-977-9473 too.

Other Happenings

I also want to give everyone the heads-up – that by the end of September, my plant shop at the Book Club Bookstore will be moving on for my next adventure.

I can’t thank everyone enough for your compliments on my plants, supporting my small business, and visiting me at the Book Club Bookstore in South Windsor, but, I’m a “on the move” kind of plant gal – so, while I am still in business at my location in Broad Brook, and as always offer many workshops at various venues all year – I will not be at the bookstore after September.

To stay abreast of what is happening with Container Crazy CT, just follow this blog or ask to be added to my mailing list by filling the e-mail contact form below. Anytime, you have a plant related need, feel free to ask too. Don’t be shy.


Also, I’m on Instagram quite a bit – many people are visiting me there by saying they want this or that when they see my plant posts on Instagram. Don’t hesitate to IM me too anytime or text if you spot a plant and would like to purchase it.

However, the next couple weeks will be your last chance to grab one of my plants at the bookstore. Swing by before they are gone. With winter approaching, now is “the” perfect time to add a houseplant to your interior. Add the life to your living room by picking up a plant. Remember, houseplant clean the air too – they serve as air purifiers.

Overwintering Plants

Lastly, this is the time of year when I offer a demo on how to transition and overwinter outdoor container plants into your home. For anyone that wants to know how to handle tropicals, succulents, or houseplants – this may be of interest to you.

Thank you,

Cathy Testa


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