New Arrivals – BBPOTS – Week of 8/7

New Arrivals – BBPOTS– Week of 8/7

Every time we have “new arrivals” at my plant shop (see address below), they are highlighted here so customers’ may learn of them and more about how to care for our beautiful and healthy Container Crazy CT plants.

Let’s start with our latest new arrivals which are BBPots!


bbpots copyright photos Container Crazy CT_0003

One-of-a kind pots; ‘hand-made’ slip-cast terracotta pots with a clear glaze interior and effective drain hole at the base, made by a commissioned artist, specifically requested by Container Crazy CT — Why? Well – there are so many possibilities!

Each of these bbpots contains slow-release fertilizer to feed your “baby” plant for 6-8 months safely, professional well-draining soil-less potting mix, and gravel top dressing to help the plant be free of rot and gain air on the top – as well as the bottom, via the drain hole, created in the base of every perfectly sized pot.

Each pot is about the size of a large coffee mug and are perfect on a window-sill, shelf in an office, or as a nice little accent piece for maybe an event, such as a baby-shower. However, we brought them into the plant shop the week of 8/7 in honor of “National Breastfeeding Month” (#NBM17) which is August. (Perhaps my sister being close to her delivery date is another reason why these pots inspired me!)

The plants in each pot are perfect for indoor settings in bright, indirect light, moderate light, or under fluorescent lights. Shade to part-shade if kept outdoors during the summer months. Water lightly every 4-5th day, and enjoy watching the plant grow.

Great ideas for these fun pots – or meaningful purposes – are baby showers, breast cancer survivor, pregnancy announcements, women, mother nature, or just for the fun of it –whatever suits your style. I especially like these pots because they are handmade by an artist. Each has a bit of uniqueness. And they are just the right size.

There is a limited supply, so if you are interested, now is the time to stop by Container Crazy CT’s plant shop venue at the Book Club Bookstore & More, 869 Sullivan Avenue, South Windsor, CT. And remember, Cathy Testa is here on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 am to 6 pm at the bookstore – Come by for a visit. Or visit anytime the store is open as well during the weekly hours and Saturdays.

BBPOTS Container Crazy CT_0006



Image result for instagram logo

Container Crazy CT has many other new plants or creative projects with plants always ongoing at her private greenhouse, and as each new item is available, it is posted on our Instagram page at:

If you see a plant or item you are interested in purchasing, which was posted on our Instagram page noted above, just ask to have it delivered for pickup at the plant shop or for delivery on our new delivery day which is Fridays.  We will deliver to areas near East Windsor or South Windsor by request. (See links below).

BBPOTS Container Crazy CT_0002

For example, a recent creation are these large and short mason jar planters – shown above planted with Jobe’s Tears or Baby’s Tears plant (Pilea depressa).  This one of our latest creations. Each mason jar planter has drainage rocks, moss, fertilizer, and a well-sized drain hole at the base, with a nice cut edge at the top. The mini-plant dripping down the sides looks just right in these nice clear glass pot – perfect for dressing up any room inside the home. This plant works very well in terrariums and container gardens alike.  It prefers moderate light and some humidity.



Flyer terrariums 2nd session CIDERY workshop

We held a very successful workshop in July at the new Stafford Cidery and decided to offer a 2nd session on August 21st, Monday. Now is the time to sign up if interested. Links are on this page as well as the Event Brite links to pay via credit card. Don’t delay, it is coming up very quickly. The location is a fun tavern like atmosphere.

Stafford Cidery Workshop copywrite photos_0004

We will have plenty of succulents, cacti, and houseplants for the terrariums workshop for each attendee to select for their creation.

Also, don’t forget, we offer terrariums by appointment if you prefer a day time hour – on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the plant shop in South Windsor, CT.

Terrariums One on One Flyers To Display at BC



Our next “proposed” workshop for the fall season, which is new, is a Succulent Wreath. Container Crazy CT just created a prototype – shown below – are you interested?! We hope to offer this topic at a brand new brewery in South Windsor in late September or mid-October. Stay tuned.

BBPOTS Container Crazy CT_0001

And – please don’t forget – we have our popular Succulent Topped Pumpkin Workshops in the fall season too. See all the dates listed on this site, or by visiting the WORKSHOPS tab where a PDF document that lists all the events coming up.


And not new – because Container Crazy CT offers this demo every October, but new is a session will be offered earlier this year, and at the Book Club Bookstore and More as a demo on how to Overwinter Container Garden Plants. This will be held on September 15th, Friday, 6-7 pm. Visit the WORKSHOPS tab on this site for more details.

Cathy T Ele Ear Copywrite CCC_0002


Container Crazy CT loves to share the plant love and offers pop-up plant shops at various locations. Currently, we are at the Book Club Bookstore & More at 869 Sullivan Avenue, South Windsor, CT. The store is open every day except Sundays at this time. Be sure to check their website,, for regular hours. Many special events are held at this store – from book discussions, writer’s groups to many special author appearances. Plus there is a beautiful supply of Cathy T’s plants – Don’t wait to grab these GREAT PLANTS before this summer is over. It is the perfect time to dress up any indoor rooms at home before the fall season arrives. Many of the plants at the plant shop are perfect candidates for your living room, bathroom, kitchen, and bedrooms. We even have full hanging-baskets great for inside the home.

Looking forward to seeing you, Cathy T.



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