Micro-Greens Growing Demo

“How to Grow Your Own Micro-Greens” demonstration.

Date and Time:

To be posted for 2018 soon!

Online Requests

If you wish to receive the Micro-Greens/Sprouts Growing Instructions Guide via email, we offer this service. A pre-payment is required. Email us for inquiries at containercathy@gmail.com.

sprouts Cathy T teaching_0001

New Dates 2018:

We will be posting new session dates for the 2018 session on this topic soon. We anticipate a February and March time frame.


This is a demonstration where Cathy Testa of Container Crazy CT shows attendees the step-by-step process to grow their own micro-greens/sprouts in their own home. It is not difficult – you practically have all you need right in your kitchen!  However, you do need to understand the specific, yet simple steps, involved and key components required to this unique growing technique. It does not require “special growing jars” or the repeat “rinsing” as done with other traditional methods of growing these healthy and nutritious micros.

During the demonstration, you will learn all the steps, information about the nutritional value of the microgreens, about organic growth enhancers, what not to do, and much more.

Cathy T has been offering this talk at farmers markets, schools, other venues, and it has become very popular. Not only are microgreens tasty, they are packed with nutrition and good for you.

Growing microgreens is something you may do year-round – not just in summer, but in winter too. It is more cost effective to grow your own as compared to purchasing them – and they are fresh right at your finger tips!

Sprouts ContainerCrazyCT Copywrite Photo_0003

Following the demonstration, you may purchase Starter Kits to get “growing” literally right away at your home, and you will be eating healthy microgreens by the end of the week. Each kit has the seeds, components, and other items needed to get started with an instructional document which answers additional questions. It is the perfect way to give it a try and enjoy a quick fresh harvest.

The method shown by Cathy Testa of Container Crazy CT allows you to grow microgreens within 4-7 days, with no special grow lights or heating mats. You will be enjoying them in salads, on snacks, in soups and sandwiches. Everything from spicy radish sprouts to mixed varieties, alfalfa, mung, lentil, and many many more types are available to try.

Other Venues:

This demonstration is also available by request. If your location is interested in offering this demonstration, feel free to inquire.

Pre-Registration Contact Form:

Once we receive your pre-registration form, we will send you additional details. Payment in advance is requested to hold a seat for you, however, walk-in’s are also welcome to this demonstration. Seats are limited. You may pay here on this site via Event Brite links (right side), via check mailed to Cathy Testa (make out to: Cathy T’s Landscape Designs, 72 Harrington Road, Broad Brook, CT 06016), or pay at the cidery.

Thank you,

Cathy Testa


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