New Arrivals – FERNS – Week of 6/5

When we have new plant arrivals and gardening related products at the store (see address below), Container Crazy CT highlights them here on for customers’ information and as a resource for any questions you may have about the “new arrivals” and plants.


Specifically, “Rabbit’s Foot Ferns!”

New Arrivals Copywrite CCC_0003

These ferns have furry feet and are easy to grow. The fuzzy creeping pieces you see at their root area, popping around the base of the plants, are “rhizomes” which are like surface roots covered in fuzz. These fuzzy feet are cute and a nice little feature – especially fun when you point them out to children. As the rhizomes grow, they extend over edges of pots, hanging baskets and decorative containers.

These ferns are definitely easy to grow and we have healthy plants in the store right now – each in a small pot ready to be inserted into a decorative pot or re-potted into a pot with other plants. They give a room a nice earthly delicate feel no matter where you place them – and they are soft to the touch.

Ferns have shallow roots that quickly fill the soil in containers. Pots should be as deep as they are wide. They also make ideal plants for hanging baskets – especially this variety because of the fuzzy rhizomes will reach over the edge of baskets as they grow.

You should never bury the fuzzy rhizomes but if there a bit of soil on them after re-potting – it is not an issue – they will hop their way out!

Most ferns come from shady forests where the area is damp and moist. So most grow best in moderate or bright in-direct light indoors with moist soils.

Outdoors, they are best in shade, part-shade, or a dappled shade area. A north window indoors are fine for this plant – they will do well in almost any window in the home, or on a small table top – they are adorable and add a bit of greenery to your spaces.

Great for Dads!

Also, if your Dad’s office has fluorescent lights, they do fine under these conditions, so consider these as a planted gift for Father’s Day – He will think of you every time he looks at it – I’m sure.

The way to water ferns is “lightly” and check them often. Touch the top of the soil, if it is damp, leave it be. Over-watering can cause the roots to rot, and if you underwater, they may wilt and not grow. But they respond well and don’t tend to have issues or problems.

Every plant or potted plant in decorative containers by Container Crazy CT already has slow-release fertilizer added for you – these planted gifts are good to go and will be fed automatically for 6-8 months. We also use professional “fresh” potting mix that is airy, well-draining, and balanced for the plants’ needs.

Mini Garden Signs

We are excited to let you know, we have the most adorable, mini white garden signs on picks for terrariums, hanging baskets, or any place you wish to add that touch of inspiration and joy to your garden planted gifts or decor!

New Arrivals Copywrite CCC_0006

They are $2.99 each, or  three for $9.99 with a glass votive included. I enjoy adding these sweet mini quoted elements to hanging baskets and potted plants, and you will too.

New Arrivals Copywrite CCC_0007


Speaking of terrariums, Container Crazy CT will be offering a new session in July at a new cidery in Stafford Springs, CT. Stay tune for the details to be posted very soon. It is located on Main Street in the downtown Stafford area where there are many new shops to browse. This area has really expanded quite a bit and the cidery is a perfect place to make up a terrariums if you have missed our prior workshops – now will be your chance to have a fun evening with cider to try too!

New Arrivals Copywrite CCC_0006

New Arrivals Copywrite CCC_0007


Don’t overlook the beautiful succulents in decorative planters at the shop – we have added a few very healthy mixed arrangements and mixed succulent pots – perfect for table tops and as gifts.

These plants love to be outdoors in summer and are super easy care – when you take a vacation – they can go a long time without water – no worries.

It is best to put them where they get some direct sun during the day, but if we have pouring rain, it is beneficial to make sure they do not get too water logged if it is cool outside, which we have experienced, but the sun and warmth is finally coming by next week per the weather apps – let’s hope this is true.

Some succulents also can get sunburn (did you know that?) because they prefer part-sun conditions. It is always best – no matter the plant type – to move plants out gradually to the sun if they are sun lovers and were inside for the winter, by moving them out in shade first for a few days and transitioning them to sun or part-sun gradually.

New Arrivals Copywrite CCC_0002

New Arrivals Copywrite CCC_0001


And is it too late to plant seeds? No! Many may be direct sown now – especially with our cool spring so far – you still can do this. I just planted watermelon seeds in my garden this weekend, and I continually plant herbs such as parsley and basil in window boxes too.

Swing by the bookstore to grab your beautiful seed packets soon. We have Certified Organic seeds in stock; all open-pollinated and heirloom by New England farmers by Hudson Valley Seed Co. They are a very good quality.

South Windsor Farmers Market

Coincidentally, I will have moon flower seedlings and tomato plants, ready to transplant to your gardens, at the market on June 17th, Saturday, where I will also be speaking about growing your own microgreens as a free demo at 11 am. Additionally, I will be bringing some beautiful hanging baskets to offer for sale with plants.

Swing by for a visit if you can. The market is held at 150 Nevers Road in South Windsor, CT – Look for me on Saturday, June 17th there.

New Arrivals Copywrite CCC_0004

These watermelons shown above are delicious apricot-colored flesh with great texture. Long vines and may be direct sown now. It is not too late, plus with our prior cool weather, it works out even better to sow them now.

I also like putting watermelon seeds in big pots on my deck and let them sprawl on the deck surface – you know what one benefit of doing this is? You don’t get rot under the melon since the surface is dry and clean, and it is fun to have at your feet.

Don’t overlook seeds which may be planted right into your decorative mixed containers on your patio pots. You’d be amazed at how fun this can be. We offer a list of what you may direct sow now at the shop along with handouts about caring for your seedlings.

Shop Address:

BOOK CLUB Bookstore & More
869 Sullivan Avenue
South Windsor, CT
(United Bank Plaza)

Cathy Testa



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