Bring a Pot. Take a Pot.

Container Crazy CT is offering a new program called, Bring a Pot. Take a Pot, where you may drop off a used pot (container, dish garden, patio pot, etc.) and take one from a freebie stock at no charge to you. But there are guidelines; see below!

Give One Take One Copywrite CCC_0001

There are a few rules, however, as follows:


You must make an attempt to clean your pot – at least wash off the dust, please.

If damaged badly, it is not a good candidate (meaning big chips or severely broken) for the program, but a bit of wear and tear is fine.

The pot you take must be comparable in size or material to the one you are donating to the program – or you may donate two pots for a bigger ‘take one’ pot. It should be a fair trade, which Cathy T will approve at drop off.


Broad Brook @ Container Crazy CT’s by appointment
860-977-9473 (call or text anytime)
We also arrange a meet-up if you want to meet somewhere locally by appointment.
Just call to inquire more.


Someone generously donated some nice pots to me the other day. And others have in the past, and again, I say, thank you! We all like to change our decor from time to time – so, why not exchange them as a free recycle/reuse type program. And it begins today!


Anything that maybe used decoratively for plants – such as glazed pots, terracotta pots, resin pots, plastic pots, cast iron, dish gardens, stone, etc.

We will not accept any “nursery original growing pots” – these may be recycled through your recycling program, and/or some nurseries offer bins to drop those off.


There are no guarantees associated with the trades – what you take, you keep! It is all to help us recycle and share.


If you have any other suggestions or questions about this program, please complete the Contact Form below.

Thank you, Cathy Testa

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