New Plant Arrivals – Week of 4/3

Every time we have new plant arrivals, Container Crazy CT will highlight the plant’s features and care tips here on for customers’ information and as a resource for any questions you may have.

Check-in often at BOOK CLUB Bookstore (869 Sullivan Avenue, South Windsor) to see “change outs” and learn about the “new plant arrivals” available.

Our big theme, of course, is Easter! We have adorable hand-held plant gifts perfect to dress up your home and they make wonderful hostess gifts.

New Arrivals April Copywrite CCC_0008


This plant in a drawer styled planter box can be placed almost anywhere in your home and is super easy to care for.

It will grow in any kind of light except “hot, direct sun.”

It is not difficult or fussy – and it grows slowly.

Keep soil slightly damp.

Normal home temperatures are fine but it doesn’t like to get too cold (below 60 degrees F is not good for it).

New Arrivals April Copywrite CCC_0006


How can one resist these colorful leaf patterns? They look perfect in tapered edged wooden boxes.

These require bright indirect light (or fluorescent light) year-round in the home.

Water lightly but frequently to keep soil moist – but don’t over water to the point of soggy – they have very tender, soft like stems which may rot if the soil is always wet.

New Arrivals April Copywrite CCC_0004


This is a “WOW” plant, in my opinion, regarding how easy they are to grow – and they retain a nice dark green color with speckled pattern. It is a “carefree” plant.

Indirect light to moderate light is fine for this plant.

Keep soil lightly moist in summer; allow it to become nearly dry between watering routines in winter.

It seems no matter what type of decorative pot I put this plant in – it looks great with its spiky texture and strong growth habit.

New Arrivals April Copywrite CCC_0009

New Arrivals April Copywrite CCC_0007


I’m sure you have seen ivy plants before – and I tend to like those with patterns (referred to as “variegated” in the plant world). It makes a wonderful houseplant in baskets.

It thrives in cool temperature rooms, which makes it a nice choice for areas in the home that may be a bit cooler – like an entry way or area away from heat sources by windows.

In an office, it is a good choice because many buildings are kept cooler in the evenings.

Pair this up with a an Easter rabbit decor – and you have the perfect little Easter themed plant gift. Hostesses and Moms LOVE plants like this!

New Arrivals April Copywrite CCC_0005

ALOE HEDGEHOG (Aloe humilis)

Some plants are just plain cool!

They are the punk rock stars in the plant scene – and this is one of them.

The Aloe specimens available this week are tall, dark green, and strong.

They look awesome in these bushel basket containers – which could easily allow a few Easter decor items tucked in and around the plant (also available at the store).

As many people know, aloe gel has healing properties for treating skin wounds.

If grown outdoors in summer months, full sun or light shade is good. When grown indoors, place it by a sunny window.

Well-drained soil is key, which Cathy T uses in all her container gardens and patio pots.


Above is a sneak peak of the plants being reserved for the confirmed workshop attendees!

We have mini houseplants, ferns, succulents, and beautiful about to flower spring cactus for our upcoming two workshop dates.

This Saturday – April 8th – Only (1) seat remaining!
(South Windsor @ BOOK CLUB)

Next Wednesday – April 12th – Seats Available

Please remember, you must confirm your seat reservation with prior payment. Because many new faces are interested, we are remind you of this procedure which is required due to obtaining fresh live plants for Container Crazy CT’s Workshops.

Thank you – Cathy Testa

“Combining Nature with Art”

Cathy Testa of Container Crazy CT is a Container Garden Designer and Plant Workshop Organizer located in Broad Brook, CT, with a special focus of combining nature with Art. She recently acquired a permanent showcase at BOOK CLUB Bookstore and More in South Windsor, CT, located at 869 Sullivan Avenue. You may find her on Tuesdays and Thursdays to learn about her workshop offerings, which she has been conducting as part of her own business for over eight years, and plant gifts. She holds a degree in Floriculture from the University of Connecticut and completed the Master Gardener Program. She has been recently featured in the Hartford Courant and Go Local magazine, and regularly speaks at garden clubs, womens’ clubs, and various farmers markets. Learn more about her offerings and plant sales at

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