Hop on Over for Easter Plant Gifts

Adorable and fun Easter themed plant gifts are currently at the BOOK CLUB Bookstore & More by Container Crazy CT.  Hop on Over!

Easter 2017 Copywrite CCC_0008

Mossy Fun

This dark green moss is a shade lover outdoors and takes low-light conditions inside the home. Scroll down to see it in chartreuse too!

Just adorable in these water-can moss planters – feels very spring like when placed on a cocktail table or special spot in your home. The plant feels soft and spongy to the touch.

It is a Zone 6-11 plant (CT is Zones 5-6) so you may move this little guy outdoors in the ground later if desired for zones closer to 6, but it is so cute in this pot indoors right now.

I see a tiny egg decor or fairy sitting on-top of it soon! Don’t you?

Keep it slightly moist for watering. By the way, they make wondeful additions to terrariums.

Easter 2017 Copywrite CCC_0007

Bunny Dolls

Here and there, find them at the store. These little guys and gals are so cute when paired up with a plant as a gift. Add a Easter themed book, and it is just perfect.

Who can’t have a little bunny decor at home during this time of year?!

I also like using bigger bunnies in outdoor container gardens with spring plants.

Easter 2017 Copywrite CCC_0006

Eggs with a Solo Hen and Chick Plant

This idea popped into my head while in my greenhouse.

Sweet hen and chicks plants (Sempervivum) solo style in a colorful eggs. They are so darn sweet.

These plants are hardy, so they will survive outdoors too. Enjoy it for Easter this way, and then put them into a container or terrarium for the summer and watch them grow.

Right now, they don’t require a lot of water – once a month at the most and gently. Wait for the soil to be dry before applying water. Less is needed in winter, more in summer when reestablished into a new pot.

Full sun is best too. When your plant “hatches” side babies, you will be happy. They multiply as they mature.

Easter 2017 Copywrite CCC_0005

Spring Bright Water Cans with Houseplants

This one has a Rubber plant (Ficus elastic) in it but there are more plant types available. This plant does well in normal house humidity – and normal home temps – they are so easy to care for and keep a strong foliage form.

One of the benefits of this plant is it tolerates low light, and for watering – let it go dry down to about an inch from the top, then drench it. Let it go dry before doing the routine again.

To clean it up, just dust the leaves off with a soft cloth as needed.

Easter 2017 Copywrite CCC_0004

Spring Cactus

You have heard of Christmas or Thanksgiving Cactus – right? But did you ever hear of a spring cactus (also known as Easter cactus)?

They are so well paired in these decorated baskets with handles. The purple decor is very complementary to the orange blooms.

For the indoor environment of your home, put them in a bright, indirect light location, but not in strong full sun and provide good air circulation.

For outdoors, transition them to dappled shade after all danger of spring frost and when night time temps are warm enough for tomato growing. A good place to do this is under a patio umbrella, or keep it indoors all year.

Easter 2017 Copywrite CCC_0003

Mini Cacti

They don’t grow mini but they are mini now – and perfect as a tiny handheld gift or for terrariums.

The other day a young boy picked one out at the store to take home. I really enjoyed watching him inspect each one, and he was planning to put it in his bedroom on a windowsill. Gotta love the young plant enthusiasts.

As long as you give these little plants plenty of sun (at least 4 hours daily), they will do well.

Do not over water them either. Let them dry between watering routines.

Remember that cacti store water in their leaves and bodies – to survive deserts. They can take a little bit of neglect and won’t die on you if you are gone for traveling.

Easter 2017 Copywrite CCC_0002

Glitter Bunnies

I can not resist items to rest on or near plants this time of year in Easter and Spring themes. They add that little touch to your plant gifts.

These glitter yellow bunnies are an example. They capture the light as the sun casts through the store’s windows.

They also look cute in terrariums, which our workshop is coming up on Saturday, April 8th – so bring your own decor or take a look at those at the store available.

Easter 2017 Copywrite CCC_0001

Hop on By this Week!

More plants will be coming and changing as we reach spring and get into summer months too.

We will also offer a line of fertilizers, seeds, and special garden accessories.

Cathy Testa

“Combining Nature with Art”


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