New Plant Arrivals – At the Store

Every time we have new plant arrivals, Container Crazy CT will highlight the plants features, maintenance and care tips here on for customers’ information and resource.

Check-in often at BOOK CLUB (869 Sullivan Ave., S. Windsor) to see the “change outs” and learn about them.

In our workshops, we go over more details and specifics to help you succeed with your beautiful plant gifts.

Cacti Copywrite CCC_0001

CACTI (Cactus)

If you have a bright window in your home that gets sun for at least 4 hours, you have a spot for these adorable cactus plants. We have several cuties in stock in 4″ and 2″ pots.

These make wonderful gifts, as they are super easy to care for. In the winter, cacti are not “fully” dormant, but more like in a rest state. They look great in dish gardens or as collections.

Cacti Copywrite CCC_0003

The stock we have available at the store is a showcase currently available today, but keep in mind Container Crazy CT maintains more in her greenhouse. Special requests are welcomed, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Cacti Copywrite CCC_0004

Cactus require excellent drainage, and they love to spend the summer outdoors. In winter, they actually like to be in a cooler place to rest. A room at a temp that is cooler is actually good for them. Each variety has different needs, but in general, they are not adversely affected in winter by a cool room.

Cacti Copywrite CCC_0002

Cacti and succulents (also at the store) grow slowly. They do not need high nitrogen in fertilizers due to this. Use a high-phosphorus (low-nitrogen) mixed at half normal strength, or look for fertilizers specific to cacti. Cathy T goes over types in her workshops too.

Cacti Copywrite CCC_0007


Houseplants will be a routine fixture at the store – and we have a few newbies coming in. This adorable button fern, which by the way, also makes a wonderful Kokedama candidate.

Kokedama Workshops

Don’t know what Kokedama means? Check out our workshop this weekend on it and see the photos below. We are also offering it next week on Wednesday at the store.

Cacti Copywrite CCC_0008

Everyone seemed to love the Haworthia plants at the store recently – and this one has a similar shape and style. It has a speckled pattern, strap like upright foliage – and it is called Sanseveria Mikado.

Cacti Copywrite CCC_0005

Another houseplant with great foliage is Green Flame (Microsorum) – a tropical fern. It resembles the elkhorn and staghorn ferns in leaf shape.

Cacti Copywrite CCC_0009

Another plant with interesting texture is the staghorn and elkhorn ferns – which are being reserved for workshop attendees at the moment.

See the prototype of the Kokedama balls at the store.

It is not too late to sign up:

Saturday, March 18 – 10:00 am to 11:30/noon
Broad Brook, CT location at Container Crazy CT

Wednesday, March 22 – 5:30 pm to 6:30/7:30 pm
South Windsor, CT location at BOOK CLUB

Note: This workshop is being held in conjunction with the Botanical Wall Art option. The wall art takes longer to make than the Kokedama balls. The fees are separate based on option selected. See the posts on this site for additional details. 

Cacti Copywrite CCC_0010

Kokedama Ball – Prototype shown above.

These may be made with other types of plants in addition to staghorn/elkhorn ferns, which we will have a few available as alternate plant choices, while supplies last.

Cacti Copywrite CCC_0006

Hanging from invisible string – they look like floating gardens. Really ZEN like.

To learn more, see our related posts.


Container Crazy CT will be changing out plants regularly at the store. Stop by to see what is new!  Each change out will provide inspiration for your indoor and outdoor gardening plant decor needs. This is only the beginning. See you there.


BOOK CLUB Bookstore and More
869 Sullivan Avenue, Suite 6
South Windsor, CT 06074

Thank you,

Cathy Testa
860-977-9473 (texts are welcome)


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