Plant Highlights – At the Store

Every month, Container Crazy CT will highlight plants currently available at the new venue (BOOK CLUB) here on

Check in often to see the “change outs” and learn about the plant’s features, uses, and benefits.

In our workshops, we go over more details and specifics to help you succeed with your beautiful plants gifts.



Cordyline (KOR-di-leen)
Ti Plant, Hawaiian Ti, Good Luck Tree

Some believe a ti plant near a doorway or entrance brings good luck – and I believe this must be true because I am showcasing Plant Gifts this year at the BOOK CLUB!

Ti is a slender plant. It has long, strap-like leaves. They naturally loose their lower leaves as they grow and get taller. The stalk is strong and the leaves are green or mixed colors.

They like bright light and a temperature of 60-85 degrees F. Wonderful indoors, and in partial shade in the summer on your patio or deck table.

In the spring and summer, feed plants every 2-3 weeks as needed with a balanced houseplant food that includes micronutrients. In the fall and winter, feed monthly.

Moderate even moisture so roots are slightly moist is best. You may also mist the plants every day or so.

Ficus (Fy-Kus)
Rubber plant, Indian Rubber Tree

Rubber plants have smooth, glossy leaves and are easy to care for. To clean dust off the leaves, it is as simple was using a damp cloth.

To encourage the plant to branch out, nick the bark just above where a lower leaf detached itself.

If you see roots come out of the base of a rubber plant, this is normal and you only need to push it back down into the soil.

It enjoys bright to moderate light but “no direct sun,” so when you move it outside this summer, be sure to position in under a patio umbrella or shady spot. They are wonderful indoors – nothing like a plant on your desk, by your kitchen, or on a cocktail table!

Feed three to four times as year as needed with a balanced houseplant food that includes micronutrients.

Keep lightly moist, but do not over water. In fall and winter, indoors, water it much less, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings.

Shop Small_0109


Echeveria (ek-uh-VAR-ee-uh)
Hens and Chicks

Some of our Container Crazy CT terrariums have succulents, such as hens and chicks, sempervivums, which are hardier than echeverias.

Echeverias have slightly thicker leaves and look like roses (rosettes on shorter stems). The nice thing about the hens and chicks is they are hardy!

One of the echeverias in the store right now is’Pearl von Nurnberg’ (plum rosettes to pink), but there are others. Come see the wonderful variety before we change them out for new plants soon!

Another succulent like plant in stock is graptoveria. They more of a blush coloring and elongated leaves.

Kalanchoes (kah-lan-KOH-ee)
Paddle plant

Not hard to identify because the leaves look just like paddles.

They range from green to red tinged on darker green. They are frost sensitive, so must be kept indoors in the winter and are super easy to care for during that time, just allow the soil to remain dry with light waterings monthly.

These plants are easy to propagate (make babies) and Container Crazy CT shows these techniques in her workshops. Come see how!


Haworthia species and hybrids (hay-WOR-thee-uh)

This plant is not difficult to spot – It has stripes that look “zebra” like in pattern. Many look like miniature aloes but with more pattern appeal.

They require bright “indirect” light year-round. When moving them outdoors in summer, take it slow and increase them to light slowly (similar to hardening off vegetables).

In spring and summer, feed monthly “as needed” with a balanced houseplant food mixed at half the normal strength.

Succulent Pumpkins_0023


There are a few “prize like” specimen agaves in the store right now in blue ceramic pots, as the one shown above! (Note, the succulent topped pumpkins in this photo are what we create in our fall workshop.)

The agave ‘Kissho Kan’ (known as Happy Lucky Crown) has blue like leaves with cream edges and cinnamon colored spines.

This plant shoots off babies – so you get more than one in this pot!

It has been a true performer in my home – and thus, I had to share a beautiful one at the shop as a showcase – but it is available for sale, as with all the others displayed as showcases.

Agaves are not hardy outdoors, so in winter, keep it indoors in a dormant state. Do not water often. They can take very low temperatures inside the home – they are tough and easy to care for in winter.

In summer, transition it outdoors and let it enjoy sunny, warm temperatures. It is always a good idea to put houseplants, succulents, and cacti outdoors in summer so they may gain some sun and photosynthesis in the outdoor world. It helps them thrive, and you also get an opportunity to dust them off with a rinse of the shower wand on a hose.


Container Crazy CT will be changing out plants regularly at the store. Stop by to see what is new! Each change out will provide inspiration for your indoor and outdoor plant decor needs. This is only the beginning! See you there.


BOOK CLUB Bookstore and More
869 Sullivan Avenue, Suite 6
South Windsor, CT 06074
(860) 432-7411

Thank you,

Cathy Testa
860-977-9473 (texts are welcome)






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