Private Parties

You may request a workshop for a private party at a specific date and time to meet your needs if the workshop dates listed here do not fit your schedule.


Your session will be held at the Container Crazy CT workshop location which accommodates up to 30 people. However, your session may be as little as 5 attendees, which is usually the minimum to hold a private party.


The cost for private parties is the same as workshop fees listed, however, the sessions are non-refundable should you need to cancel. The is due to the pre-ordering of materials required for workshops. The same cancellation policy applicable to regular workshops apply to private party bookings. See MORE for details.

Guest Instructor:

Want to host a party at your home and obtain your own supplies, but need a “Plant Expert” to help you learn about the plants utilized? Cathy Testa is available to lead your group, answer questions, and give insider tips. Please discuss your needs with us and we will try to accommodate your unique party. The cost for this service is based on needs discussed and location of your home.

To request more information:

Thank you,

Cathy Testa

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