Kits and/or supplies to make your own creation at home are available by order. We customize the kit to suit your needs. Most are arranged by Porch Pick-ups based on your schedule. Some kits are mailed or delivered locally. Each come complete with instructions about care and more.

Current kits available by request:

Seed Packets (tomatoes, peppers, herbs, flowers)
Seed Sowing Kits (seeds, trays, soil, etc.)
Terrarium Kits with Succulents (plants, components, terrarium bowl)

Pick-up Location: Broad Brook, CT (some delivered available)

Payment Methods: PayPal, Check, Cash

For more information, contact me. Texts, DM, or email. Also on Facebook and Instagram!

Thank you, Cathy Testa

Cathy Testa owner of Container Crazy CT

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