Advanced attendees are people who are not new to our workshops (a.k.a., Non-Newbies) and keep returning.

They have attended our workshops more than one time and become regulars with advanced talents. They keep getting better and better at design and they learn more about our plants featured.

I am ALWAYS impressed with the creative ideas Non-Newbies come up with.

For example, Eilene was the first person in our holiday workshop to bring a string of lights to put in her Kissing Ball. She set the bar higher, then more Non-Newbies brought lights the following year. Many lights are battery operated now – great for our wreaths too.

Another time, during a wind chimes workshop, Lisa, my sister, brought copper tubing her husband cut into pieces to add to her piece. How clever, I thought. In many of our workshops, you may bring your own embellishments for your art pieces and I find it very interesting the things people come up with.

Another Non-Newbie, Maryse, is very good at making bows and was kind enough to show us how she does them at our annual holiday workshop in December. Sometimes we discover unique talents by attendees and they are happy to share with everyone.

Some Advanced (Non-Newbies) have been attending our workshops for 5+ years – Linda (my cousin), she told me she is hooked on my Kissing Ball workshop in December. She was at the first annual workshop and I’m sure she will be here at the 10th! I always joke about how I’ll do this workshop forever, until I can’t stand up anymore.

The creative talents of Advanced attendees grow from the famous phrase many of them said initially, which is, “I’m NOT crafty!” But next thing you know, they come up with more amazing ideas to make their creations more beautiful.

Renee, who is excellent at design in our Kissing Ball Workshops, added white deer antlers to her wreath one year – and it was stunning! She has become our new “elf” design helper, coming up this year in 2018’s KB workshops.

And we have a repeat attendee who makes the most gorgeous horse profile wreath in our KB workshops too, Dianne T. I am always impressed, and now I’m the one getting envious of their work at my own workshops! I’m so proud.

At our Container Gardening Workshops in May, many Advanced (Non-Newbies) return because they like to learn about the new featured or themed plants for the season. They get better with understanding how to care for plants, how to propagate them, and design with them each time they return. We add new learning tips every season.

Advanced (Non-Newbie) Benefits

As a Non-Newbie, you are eligible for coupons, gift bags, and special “thank you” gatherings. Stay tuned for more! And some of our Advanced attendees have become seasonal helpers at our workshops – how great is that!

Cathy Testa

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Offering Workshops with Plants, Nature, and Art in Broad Brook, CT.

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