Our workshops are designed to learn the steps to make the featured piece and have a fun at the same time.

BFF’s are a common pair at our workshops. It is a special treat to spend time with your best friend at a workshop.

Mother and daughters sign up together sometimes because, again, it is a great way to spend some time together.

And many times, we have what I call, “Newbies!”

Newbies may not know what to expect since it is the first time attending.

Well, here is the low-down:

  • Expect to be with easy going individuals.
  • Expect to meet some new friends and have fun.
  • Expect to find our Non-Newbies helping you along in class as needed; many will generously offer tips if they’ve taken a class before.
  • Expect to be in a cozy, home-like environment – See Classroom.
  • Expect to learn something new – and surprise yourself. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “But I’m not crafty.” Believe me – you will be amazed by the creations Newbies make in our workshops.
  • Expect to move into Non-Newbie status – and potentially an “Expert” as some of our attendees end up learning a craft and repeating it on their own.

And by the way, our workshops are made up of all types of individuals, some are totally new to plants and gardening while others have some experience in the garden.

You will learn from Cathy Testa about plants because she has years of experience with them, plus she continues to expand her education and loves to share it. You may learn more about her background via her Biography and About Me links on her sister blog sites.

And some attendees just want to have fun socializing and getting into an art like zone of making wonderful creations.

See and check out the Gallery for many more photos of our workshops. You will see many smiling faces!

Cathy Testa


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