Our classroom is located on a private residential property, and held at host facilities.

In the spring and summer, the workshops are held outdoors on a very large driveway or in a large garage if the weather is not cooperating. If it is very sunny out on the day of the workshop, we provide large patio type shade umbrellas.

In the winter, workshops are held indoors, heated by a cozy wood stove. Our space has lower access if you have any issues with using stairways.

In some cases, our workshops are held at host facilities, such as at Strong Family Farm in Vernon and Ellington’s Farmers Market.

New Venue 2017

As of March 2017, we are excited to announce we have added another new venue for hosting workshops located at:

BOOK CLUB Bookstore & More
869 Sullivan Place (Avenue)
South Windsor, CT 06074

We also rent classroom space for larger crowds and hold workshops at garden clubs from time to time.

There is “plenty” of parking at each location. In the winter, the area is plowed so we don’t have any issues during minor snow storms with parking areas.

We hope you will join us this year to attend one or more workshops.

Cathy Testa


P.S. For photos of our prior workshops, visit our Gallery on



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