Our workshops and demonstrations are mostly held in Container Crazy CT’s workshop spaces located in the Broad Brook section of East Windsor, CT.

We also offer workshops at host venues from time to time, such as at Strong Family Farm in Vernon, CT, at farmers market special dates in Ellington, and special locations such as the Stafford Cidery in Stafford Springs, CT.

Each workshop post on this website identifies the location.

In good weather, some workshops are held outdoors with patio style umbrellas provided in summer to protect from the sun’s rays, or held indoors with a warm, cozy wood stove heating our classroom area in winter. In the fall, we have the option of being outside if it is a fall crisp day, or in a unheated garage if a cooler day for some protection. In most cases, our workshops are held rain or shine!

Our classroom style is informal but workable and comfortable. We can make a mess on the floor without worrying damaging it. Many of our workshops involve cutting plants, or involve soil falling on the floor, or using glue, what have you. We clean up the mess for you! We set all up in advance to be roomy and comfortable. You attend, learn, and have all the fun in our classrooms.

If you have any questions about our classroom space, please let us know. And BTW, most are accessible without the need to use “stairs” if you have any issues with walking up or down stairs, etc.

Hope to meet you soon!

Cathy Testa


P.S. For photos of our prior workshops, visit our Gallery on


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